Exclusive: The Scream 3 Alternate Randy Ending

There was some juicy material cut from Scream 3, but none juicier than the unseen real ending. We don’t mean that alternative climax with Roman throwing furniture around, we mean the actual last scene of the movie. Sidney decides to leave her door unlocked – the end. Not exactly. It originally went on longer, as we see the surprise movie that Gale, Dewey and Kincaid told Sid to come and watch. Drumroll…

It was the rest of Randy’s videotape. And here’s a screencap, pulled from a brief shot that made it into a segment on Entertainment Tonight way back in 1999. Will you see that the TV is in Sid’s house that she saw the news of Sarah Darling’s murder on, as opposed to the ceiling-mounted TV that Randy Meek’s dubious “trilogy rules” played on.

And here’s the ending as written in the shooting script by Ehren Kruger:

Sidney turns slowly. Warily. Regards the open door for a long beat. And then walks away.


It’s Randy in the dorm room again, with a notebook on his lap:



Hey guys, so this tape is the guide to my movie collection. I know you think I’m the horror movie guy, but there’s all kinds of other genres in life too, you know? So I wanted to share some more of my favorites. How about we start with a little comedy, huh? How about a little happy ending?


As there’s LAUGHTER from the living room, we continue to hold on the door. For a long time. Waiting for something to appear. Surely, something will appear. We wait and wait.

But all that comes through is light form the setting sun.


This certainly would’ve been a far more impactful and full-circle ending to the series than the more understated one we got, but the reason for its omission remains unknown. Perhaps the footage will be utilized in a future sequel or new Special Edition DVD.

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  1. Very cool! I always felt the ending was left open for interpretation as if the door was left open for more movies. It felt incomplete. However, this would have better ending.

  2. wow great find, would have been a better ending deffinately:)

  3. this has to be on a future dvd release of the film!

  4. The ending of Scream 3 was great. It was very poignant. In the beginning, we Saw Sid with her alarm on her gate and all the locks on her door. Here, her door blows open and she just smiles and moves on. It was great. She’s not afraid anymore. She’s gotten over fear and is ready to move on. I’m glad they dropped this alternate ending. It doesn’t seem to add much of anything.

  5. i always wondered about that cut at the end.gets you thinking when the credits roll!i also liked scream 3!the end toped it off nice and the chase in the end was way better(and longer) then scream 2!!!the one thing i like about horror movies is the chase with the final victim!Friday the 13th dose this well!!!

  6. This should be added as an extra on the future blu-ray release of these movies.

  7. This is FAKED!!!! theres a breif moment in SCREAM 3 where you can see Sidneys TV! and that isn’t it!. Its much smaller and theres a picture on top of it. Also it sits upon a BlACK small table!! not chest of brown doors! So the person who did this has paused the dvd at Randys scene! Wes Craven also says in the Scream 3 commentary that this was the only ending. Do not trust this site! as it lies!!!!

  8. Curtis Campbell: Do you have a problem with Scream Trilogy.net? They were not the ones who did this , it was Entertainment Tonight in 1999 , so dont say things you dont know , because Scream Trilogy.net is the #1 , yes , #1 source for all things Scream , Scream 4 , Also and they will keep on updating everyone in future movies!!!!!!! So , they dont have a reason to lie , why would they? You are the liar. It was “nice” talking to you. Yeah right.

  9. Scream 4 BIGGEST FAN EVR!!!!: I certanily do not have a problem with this site! I ue this site often to get my updates along with (www.ghostface.co.uk). It is the #1 source i know! All I’m saing is that I know that they have lied? I think the part about ENTERTAMENT.TONIGHT 1999 is fake. no i know it is. Looking throught the articles of entertainment tonights old website, searching back through the years, There was nothing in it about SCREAM3ALTERNATENDING. And Wes says in the commentary that “this was the only perfect ending for these characters”.? I love thiss website, and im just saying i think hy hve accidentley mistaken themselves! and gotten it wrong! either that or they have lied to make the site more updated nd ineresing? Im sorry! i just dont like it when people make stuff up about SCREAM! come on.. your supposingly te “BIGGEST FAN” its easy to tell that this isnt sids TV, or her house?
    :D thanks

  10. This shot also appears in several of the TV spots that are included on the DVD if I remember correctly. It was footage that Martha showed with the line “Anybody including the main character could die…” but it was on Sideny’s TV. I’ll have to go back and look, but I think this is the same shot.

  11. Awww. That would have been sweet. Randy was my fav character.

  12. I think that would be a great idea JasonMcGee. I think the opening of Scream 4 will be actually the opening of a new or old Stab Film. Two girls get it, then the camera pulls back to show that it was actually a Stab movie. Two girls either at a Theatre or Home are watching it, then they actually get killed as the opening ‘SCREAM 4′ thing pulls up. As for Patrick Demsey he has ruled himself out of a possilbe cameo. But what ever happened to Martha Meeks! Why doesnt she come back for this >,< Anyways, has anyone heard that a fourth 'I know what you did last summer' is in the pipe line! *sighs borningly*

  13. That’s not Randy.

  14. What do you mean its not randy?

  15. It’s obviously a fake. Come on why post this? And plus from is misspelled. Second to last second it says “form”

  16. randy was my favorite person and i was so mad when he died. why did randy get the ax? he could of been cindy’s love interest in the other two movies.

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