New Decade. New Tools.

The Scream saga’s usage of online promotion has come a long way since Scream 3 (2000) which threw all its strategy into a website based around the Stab alternate universe.

These days, more tools are available to pimp up Scream 4 from multiple avenues. Here’s a look at where you can keep up-to-date with official sources for the film (Though, you would be forgiven for making Scream-Trilogy your main destination!).

Scream 4 Official Site

Scream 4 Twitter

Kevin Williamson Twitter

Wes Craven Twitter

Scream 4 Facebook

Naturally at such an early stage, it’s slim pickings as far as movie info is concerned, but there’s definitely fun to be had – both the Scream 4 and Wes Craven Twitter’s are giving away S4 Posters if you can answer the Scream trivia questions quickly enough. And Kevin’s Twitter is a virtual goldmine as far as peeking into the writer’s busy world goes.

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2 Responses to “ New Decade. New Tools. ”

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  1. Yeah, but I miss the old Sunrise site…

  2. Good thing it’s archived on the Ultimate DVD Collection! But I just can’t see it being resurrected – it was pretty specific to the plot of Scream 3 – which was set on a film studio.

    There used to be a pretty neat official site of the first Scream, for UK visitors, which had an awesome flash video game. Now I wish someone had archived that!

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