New Ghostface Masks For Scream 4?

It certainly appears to be a possibility, as hinted by the great Wes Craven. We’ve learnt that Scream 4 prop master J.P. Jones has been in contact with Fun World, the manufacturer of the commercially available Ghostface masks. A talk took place. A special package was sent. And today, the ever entertaining Wes Craven posted an image of his cute lil’ cat with some killer masks we’ve never seen before. There’s the classic mask, but also Scarecrow Ghostface and Zombie Ghostface.

Kevin Williamson has stated that it’s possible there could be more than one mask used in Scream 4. So hopefully these variants on a familiar theme will be used, but keep this filed under “maybe” for now. These are actual costume releases for the near future that production is simply taking a look at right now.

The Zombie resonates due to its similarity to the beat-up mask used in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (which is set to be an object of ridicule in Scream 4). The Scarecrow? A nice burlap throwback to Friday The 13th Part 2. What do you screamers think?

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43 Responses to “ New Ghostface Masks For Scream 4? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. The more zombie-ish looking one is okay, but the scarecrow one is horrible. That’s not Ghostface. I hope it’s the classic look for most of the movie.

  2. cool like them both, but I’m with barry keep the classic look

  3. i like em somethin new could be good and plus theyl look different in the movie

  4. those are so badass!!!!! i hope they use all three i hope i can buy the zombie and scarecrow ones soon! i already have the plain white one.

    they’re gunna make fun of rob zombie’s halloween in scream 4?
    or just remakes in general?

  5. I liked the original mask the best. I always thought that the original mask was scary, especially during the opening scene of the first scream. The zombie one maybe. I think it best to use the original mask for most of the movie and the zombie one for select scenes. That scarecrow one looks silly and doesn’t resemble a ghost at all, which I thought was the point.

  6. it looks like theyl poke alot of fun at the halloween remake cuz they did that with the original halloween.

  7. They should do something so wicked for the film.Guts and alot of camera-shaking for intense emotions like halloween but harsher,because the original kills were like cheap they should do intense and scary kills in this.

  8. I don’t know about the scarecrow one. to me, they are trying to change it a bit too much. The zombie one looks like the original but the mask is dirty. I just want them to pick up where they left off 10 years ago. No new costumes

  9. maybe the new killer/s will slowly change there costume the more they kill!!!

  10. I LOVE the Scarecrow mask!!! It would work especially well outside…. maybe a chase through a cornfield? :D Not to mention that S4 takes place around Halloween (see KW tweet about Halloween Dance). I think it’s great.

    The Zombie one is stupid.

  11. cornfield chases? really. i hope these are just for poking fun at other re-imaginings of films or simply store variations from funworld like the blood pump or glow in the dark masks.

    I think they look ridiculous as costumes for the film itself. GHOST-FACE does not need an outfit change.

    its like putting Michael Myers in neon green overalls or Freddy in an ironically bad Christmas sweater.

  12. The different costumes are used by one killer to trick the police that there are more than 1 killer.

  13. I think the purpose of having different masks isn’t to actually have the killers in them, but more or less to show how ridic Stab has become. Since they’re likely on Stab 10 by now, I imagine one of the stabs was a throw back to Children of the Corn or something really lame that we can all laugh at.

  14. The original mask in that pic looks awesome. Yeah, I thought those masks would be from a ‘Stab’ sequel. I can’t wait for this movie!

  15. I have to agree with ScreamShatter and Patrick. I was actually thinking that too, as I remember reading about how Wes said that the Stab series has gotten out of control with sequels and remakes, so those could very well be for that purpose only.

  16. I absolutely LOVE the Scarecrow Ghostface look!

  17. Tyler – In one of the character sides (can’t remember which) it’s stated they’re on Stab 7. lol

  18. i cant wait to buy the new classic mask it looks way better and it doesnt glow.

  19. Is the classic mask foam?

  20. no,the only foam ones i saw was last halloween they had some foam ones in the store.

  21. The Zombie Ghostface Looks Cool But The Scarecrow Eh It’s OK But Not Horrible

  22. They really should stick with the original mask. The Scarecrow… it’s just horrible. They should stick with the original just because it’s such a classic mask for the movie and what lots of people think of when you hear the name of the movie. Putting a different mask in will just be a little off to people. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

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  24. The zombie looks okay but the Scarecrow one is a no-no

  25. Oh, will be interesting to see what’s said about Halloween remake. The original is Kevin Williamson’s favourite movie of all time.
    Messing with that is certainly reason for Rob Zombie and his remake to be in the firing line.

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  27. Oh cool! The original mask finally has a hood on the back of it unlike the other ones.

  28. I think this is a great addition to the costumes used. I want to buy the scarecrow costume.

  29. the scarecrow and zombie scream costumes are genius i would like to buy both of them.

  30. awesome masks and costumes. are they going to make a scream 5 also?

  31. Well, there will defiantly be a scream 4. But im not so sure about the scarecrow one. it takes place in the suburbs but if it did take place in a farm area, it would be awesome.

  32. And in the movie, these characters had it coming. You write about a killer, he will come after you. that is what happens in scream 4

  33. the scarecrow ghost face is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go with tAT

  34. the scarecrow ghost face is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go with tAT

  35. I bought the Scarecrow mask it is fucking epic

  36. They are going to make a Scream 5 and 6 but only if Scream 4 is successful

  37. It should them in a barn with hey in the trailer

  38. yes the main focus in scream 4 is in fact reboots and remakes. there was actually an alternate tag-line before they decided on New decade… New rules… it was originally gonna be… Someone has taken their love of remakes, one step too far. with the main theme being a set of killings done on the anniversary of the original killings and copying the original Stab movie. so i would bet the opening scene where they are apparently doing a Stab remake opening scene… that we will likely see the zombie ghost face mask there.

  39. i love both of the masks scarecrow ones the best one i love wereing it in the corn feilds in coal city west virginia great cover

  40. so is my cat my cat my grandma made my cat a costume of scream for my cat my cat loves scream i can tell because when i put it on it runs and lays on the couch to watch it p.s cant wait till scream 5 and 6 comes out

  41. the scarecrow is cool but once you feel it its hard and stiff and the one i took out of the pack to check out the mask was fucked up and crooked so i dont think they put much effort into the actual costume.. idk the zombie one is amazing :D

  42. cant beat the classics!

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