New York Post’s PopWrap Talks To Kevin

Fun new Scream 4 interview piece with Kevin Williamson in which we learn more about his approach with the new film and indeed, trilogy.

PopWrap: You guys are currently casting, how’s that process coming along?
Kevin Williamson: It’s really fun, we’re got some wonderful actors and some great faces.

PW: Are you consciously going for unknowns or just whoever best captures the role?
Kevin: We’re just going for the best actors to pull off the parts. It’s a big movie, there are a lot of roles and a lot required of the performers. So much goes down in such a short time during “Scream 4″ — there are a lot of moving pieces with all the characters.

PW: Progress-wise, is there a locked script yet?
Kevin: I’m still working on the script. It’s all there, I just gotta get in there and finish it. We’re headed to Michigan [for filming] this time, that’s the new Woodsboro.

PW: I think a lot of fans were surprised to hear the action was going back there.
Kevin: Really?

PW: Well, “Scream 2″ and “Scream 3″ blew out the world, so I think we assumed the fourth would do the same.
Kevin: Yeah, well, “Scream 5″ and “Scream 6″ can go elsewhere.

PW: There are quite a few characters from Woodsboro that survived the first trilogy, for example, will we see Sidney’s father again?
Kevin: Um [long pause] maybe.

PW: These films are obviously very inspired by other horror movies, which in particular have you really enjoyed since “Scream 3?”
Kevin: I like “28 Days Later” and I’m a fan of Zack Snyder’s “Dawn [of the Dead]” remake a lot. I think zombies had a good run in the last 10 years. I never really liked the Asian ghost girl though.

PW: So “Scream 4″ will not have any long, black, wet extensions in people’s faces?
Kevin: [laughs] No. There is some discussion of the state of horror over the last 10 years in the film, and that genre is mentioned to some degree. But this is a different movie. What I’m trying to do is just tell a new story and not be so concerned with the “New Decade, New Rules!” Because, what new rules are there?

PW: Do you then feel like the new poster — where “New Decade, New Rules” is the tagline — puts undue pressure on you?
Kevin: Yes and no. I do answer what they are, but that’s the fun of these films — you twist it around. The important thing to us is that the film has relevance to today’s audience/generation. Just by bringing Sidney, Gale and Dewey back into the picture, there’s a nostalgia factor to anyone who grew up watching the films.

PW: What would you say your goal was in writing this new trilogy?
Kevin: In this movie I try to remind everyone why I liked the first film. I sat down to write “Scream” because I wanted to write the horror movie I wanted to see, because no one else was doing it. That’s what I set out to do again. “Scream 4″ is a horror movie that’s been missing from the universe for the last however many years – but let’s do it with a new spin and twist and doctor it all up and spit it out there the way they’re doing all these crazy remakes.

PW: Speaking of, have you seen the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake?
Kevin: No, I haven’t.

PW: Any plans to?
Kevin: Probably not. You know, if I go out to the theater and see the movie, I’m ruining a perfectly good two hours, two months from now on my couch. But I love going to the movies, I’m never going to stop.

Source: PopWrap

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