Casting Rumor: Lauren Graham

We’ve never heard of the news source until now, so can’t get a feel for their reliability. We’re going with it because it rings true to past Scream casting choices, but always remember: if it ain’t dropped by Variety, doubt its sobriety.

Apparently Lauren Graham is the latest to join in on the Scream 4 fun. Graham previously provided witty wisdom as part of TV’s Gilmore Girls – last decade’s snappy answer to Dawson’s Creek, and was very, very naughty in Bad Santa.

If the casting tip pans out, we would pinpoint her as playing Jill’s mother Kate.

Source: Ghouls On Film

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3 Responses to “ Casting Rumor: Lauren Graham ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I would love this to be true! The casting so far for me has been kinda eh, I’m fine with Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin and Lake Bell. Not so much into Hayden Pan-whatever so it would be nice to have another actor in the movie other than Neve, Courtney and David to get excited about. Can’t see this being true though

  2. If it’s true, this is awesome. Lauren is cool and talented. It would be a trip to see her in something like SCREAM 4.

  3. […] The 24 hour turnaround on that rumor was fabulous, with Lauren Graham herself confirming on Leno’s show the Scream 4 casting as Jill’s mother. We suspected as such. […]

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