Courthouse Becomes Police Station

Here’s the latest Woodsboro location to be doubled in Scream 4.

An Ann Arbor-based movie company working with famed director Wes Craven has rented the former 16th District Court through August and will be shooting scenes for the director’s next movie there.

Production crews working with Craven, who has directed A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series, are expected to shoot footage there sometime this summer.

City officials remain tight-lipped about the movie’s title, but according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website, Craven is currently in pre-production for Scream 4.

Mayor Jack Kirksey would not comment on when footage would be shot at the courthouse, but called the company’s use an “outstanding and exciting use of the building.”

“We will continue to look at how the building is used in the future, as we had the town hall meeting and received many ideas for that facility,” Kirksey said. “But for a temporary use of the building, it is an outstanding use. It will not affect the future use of the building.”

At a recent study session Kirksey told the council that the courthouse was being used for a Wes Craven movie. “It brings us revenue, but it does not take away from the future use of the building,” he said.

Dave Varga, director of administrative services, and the Law Department negotiated for several months a contract that was hammered out about two weeks ago with the movie company. Varga said the city will receive just under $10,000 for the rental of the building.

The company will also pay for any custodial or utilities used in the building.

The company has agreed to return the courthouse to its original configuration once shooting is completed. For now, crews have entered the building and transformed an office area into a room that resembles the inside of a police station, Kirksey said.

“They have completed a new room within the building,” Kirksey said. “They’ve put in all desks with family pictures, and a chalkboard with an update on crimes.”

Source: Hometown Life

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  1. someone have pictures of the corthhouse in ann arbor? :)

  2. Yes , please , can someone post pictures of the courthouse turned into the police station? Scream , if u guys get the photos , please post them on the website. Remember: I am the Scream 4 BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!! Wow , the city officers wont talk , they are tight-lipped , everyone is tight-lipped. Emma Roberts wouldnt talk because they wont let her , Lauren Graham wont talk either and it’s really , really a BIG secret!!!!!!!

  3. In Ann Arbor we have the 15th district court, 16th is in Livonia where Kirksey is the mayor, about 25 miles from A2, and more importantly where my dad lived the last 25 years or so of his life

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