Fan Poster Updated With More Cast

Last month we showed you the amazing Scream 4 poster and trailer by talented fan themadbutcher which, from your reactions, most of you severely dug. Now the artist is back with an updated version featuring confirmed and rumored cast members. Check it out, as well as some other teasers and his Final Destination 5 poster just for kicks.

Source: themadbutcher

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3 Responses to “ Fan Poster Updated With More Cast ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. […] hats off to the artist – click here for the poster in hi-res. And here for updated […]

  2. It’s great!.

    It’s funny because when you posted the last poster, I saw a number of web sites in the next few days reporting that poster as the real deal.

  3. It took a while to get those sites to recognize the posters were a fan rendition. No one checks their sources before posting things anymore.

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