No Gore For Gilmore Girl? Lauren Graham Out

It appears Lauren Graham has left Scream 4 and with it, the potential to be the next Maureen Prescott… or Mrs Loomis.

According to my aforementioned little birdie close to the set, Lauren Graham is no longer in “Scream 4? due to date conflict and script changes.

Please, please stop weeping.

Who would you like to see take her place as Kate, the mother of Emma Roberts’ character Jill Kessler? (As if anyone could.) Who do you think will be the next cast member to get the ax? Maybe “Scream” is going uber-meta and killing off the entire cast before the movie is barely into production.

The tip comes from the source that originally broke the casting news. Not 24 hours later, Graham herself confirmed it on The Tonight Show (video here). If true, the pointed reference to the script could simply mean those ever dreadful “creative differences”. Scream 3 suffered from rewrite hell, but everything has indicated Scream 4 to be a smoother sail with Kevin Williamson back at the word processor.

Source: Ghouls On Film

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9 Responses to “ No Gore For Gilmore Girl? Lauren Graham Out ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. IT SUCKS!I love her! But I can think of one to replace that I love even more…..DEMI MOORE!!!:)

  2. I didn’t like her as Emma’s mom by the way. Don’t see much of that. Lauren is funny, and Emma is a bit serious, lol. She’s no Rory!

    Why can’t Julia Roberts just play Emma’s mom!? :D

  3. god she’s so hot. i miss her already.

  4. I’m really not that sad or shocked by Lauren’s departure. I have heard that she is a real diva on the set and if she doesn’t like the way things are written, etc, she complains nonstop. I’m happy she’s gone from the movie. I just have my fingers crossed that they find the perfect “mom” for Emma’s character.

  5. They’re a bit older, but how about Sela Ward or Lynda Carter??

  6. Well I;m gutted that she won’t br doing 4! I thought she was a great addition to the cast! I was thiinking that a great replacment to the cast would be… katherine heigl!! She hasnt done horror! but she i9s a great actress!!! I think that she would be great as Jilss mum!

  7. CurtisCampbell, Katherine Heigl did do a horror movie. It was called Valentine with Marley Shelton. It’s awesome!

  8. Yeah, Katherine Heigl was in The Bride of Chucky too, but I can’t see her as Emma’s mom, she’s too young. I’ve heard Mary McDonnell is the replacement for Lauren. Never heard of her though…

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