Photo: Woodsboro High Revealed – and Flashback Foiler

The amusingly-named Woodworth High in Dearborn, MI has been chosen by Team Scream to be the new Woodsboro High. It was chosen for its similarity to the original movie’s high school, in actuality not a school at all, but Sonoma Community Center, CA.

Work will be done on the school’s frontend to further the illusion, but the only major difference is currently Woodworth’s clock tower – which would work if utilized, because it’s logical that an addition had been made during all those years, and considering all those upper-middle-class parents that lost their teenagers to a savage and brutal massacre might have wanted to pour some grief-funds into some sort of memorial gesture. But that is pure speculation on our part, dear readers.

You’ve heard of spoilers – but have you heard of foilers? Intentionally misleading info on the usage of this school – that it’s merely for filming a flashback scene – was concocted to minimize its role and divert possible lookiloos. But it’s bogus. Woodsboro High is the primary setting of the new teen characters and the action takes place present-day.

Comparison Shot between Woodsboro High 1996 and 2010:

Source: Dearborn Blog via MLive

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Irene Magrì, Scream 4, SCRE4M and Scream 4, SCRE4M, said: Photo: the new Woodsboro High. NOT a flashback! […]

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  3. SWEET! That HS in the original Scream was amazing. I’m so jealous that my HS sucked and looked nothing like that one.

  4. SWEET! That HS in the original Scream was amazing. I’m so jealous that my HS sucked and looked nothing like that one.

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  7. I hope that they CGI the new school in post-production so that it looks more similar. With technology today, some subtle CGI would work just fine. It wouldn’t take much. But the entryways are very different: the original had stairs to walk up and a curved, Romanesque entry.

    It kinda makes me mad that the politicians in California have driven up taxes so much so as to make film production impossible there. Would have been nice to haves some scenes actually shot in northern California like the original.

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