Rumor Control: Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is listed in several current cast lists as a participant in Scream 4, but it’s no fact, Jack. As we understand it, what happened was: his name slipped into a cast list that went out with some of those third-party calls for Scream 4 extras, giving it a sense of officialism. But it was very likely a mistake attributed to someone needing to put together some quick copy and doing the math that Mark Kincaid is part of the continuing prime cast because he survived Scream 3. Or, since Dempsey is bankable business nowadays due to his gig on a little show called Grey’s Anatomy, it’s just assumed he’ll be part of this.

We imagine Kevin Williamson is doing quite a lot of juggling in the story – his beloved characters from the original trilogy co-mingling with his next generation of self-aware smart-asses. To try and shoehorn in a character introduced in the chapter he didn’t write might be stretching it. The good Detective has no link to Woodsboro like the rest of the gang do – he’s too busy catching criminals on Rodeo Drive.

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  1. I don’t think it makes sense to bring him back. As mentioned above, Dempsey’s character was only introduced in the last film and would not make sense to have him as part of a Woddsboro set film again. That being said, what if the detective did have secret ties to one of the characters that were killed in the third film and felt Sidney and company were responsible for their death.

    Dempsey could be the cheat at the end of the fourth film when revelaed as the killer. ;)

  2. He did have the semblance of a relationship blooming with Sidney, though. I wonder how that turned it out?

  3. From what we could tell (maybe), he was a workaholic. Any relationship that may have developed would have fizzled out quickly. I would imagine Sidney wanted to move back to Woodsboro to be near the people she loved, and there’s no way he would leave Los Angeles for a small, “insignificant” town like Woodsboro, especially when he’s at the top of his game.

  4. No, dont bring him back. pointless!!!

  5. I agree. There’s no need to bring him back. Even though Sidney seemed happy at the end of 3, my guess is that she’s still psychologically scarred and probably pushed him away after a while. I read that one of the new characters is going to be Sidney’s publicist or assistant, so I hope that Kevin doesn’t go the route that Rob Zombie did with Dr. Loomis in Halloween 2 and make Sidney an overbearing, cold hearted bitch. There’s only room for one Gale Weathers attitude in the series.

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