Scream 4: Principle Photography Begins

The Scream 4 shoot officially begins today and will last 3 months. Scream-Trilogy will bring you all the latest coming out of Michigan.


We will continue to bring you the very latest news and set-photos, at times with a spin of unique commentary. Also, we act almost as a filtration unit, so there are certain ridiculous rumors or spoilerific ruiners we simply won’t touch. But everything else goes. Amen.


We’re only awake and at the keyboard for so many hours of the day, so if you’re in need of Scream 24-7 check The Ultimate Scream Message Board. Response has been terrific. Get in on the ground floor so you can cash-in on your veteran status later on.


We use the social tool for a little more than just posting links to our latest news articles – we’ll share relevant Scream 4 items like filming location alerts and tweets from cast and crew. Follow us on screamscoop to stay up-t0-date on a microscopic level.

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3 Responses to “ Scream 4: Principle Photography Begins ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Thank you so much , Scream , because you guys are the ones who have been there keeping us updated with all the latest info , details , photos and casting news and you guys are the only ones who update this website almost every day!!!!! Keep doing a GREAT job!!!! I am the BIGGEST FAN EVER OF SCREAM 4!!!!!! I cant wait for the movie to come out and I cant wait to see photos of the set and even , I cant wait to see the trailer!!!!!!!

  2. that’s so great! :)

  3. i love this site i havent been on it for a while and its nice to catch up on some scre4m news!

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