Who’s In And Who’s Out

What a whirlwind past few weeks it’s been for casting news during the ramp-up to shooting on June 28. Here’s where everyone stands, starting with Scream 4‘s heroine – to be played by Emma Roberts.

CONFIRMED: Emma Roberts

Entertainment Weekly broke the story with the Scream Team’s blessing, and got some fresh quotes from both the young actress and her director-to-be.

Roberts is expected to play Jill, one of the film’s primary heroines. Scream 4 returns to Woodsboro, the home of Sidney Prescott (Campbell). And Roberts will play a role similar to Campbell’s star-turning one in the original.

“I’m so excited to be part of this ground-breaking franchise,” says Roberts, who’s best known for playing Nancy Drew and last year’s Hotel for Dogs. “It’s the perfect opportunity for me to do something completely different than I’ve ever done before.” Director/producer Wes Craven adds, “Emma’s talent, beauty, and range will add immensely to the sophistication, intensity, and fun of the Scream franchise as it returns to the screen once more.”

The next day, Roberts tweeted “SO BEYOND EXCITED FOR SCREAM!!!!!!!!”

CONFIRMED: Hayden Panettiere

She was one of the rumored, and has now been confirmed by the top industry rag, Variety. She plays Jill’s best friend, a nerdy film geek (Kirby).

CONFIRMED: Rory Culkin

Also officially nailed down by Variety as a cast member, Culkin is playing a potential love interest for Jill.


Of the early rumored, Bell is the only name not to be confirmed in or out so far. But she tweeted “Hey, Scream 4…. I’m coming for you.” on Monday, so we’ll assume she’s in, unless she herself hasn’t been told yet. Linked to the role of a police officer who knew Sidney from high school, her combo of wit and intelligent sexy would make her perfect fit for the Scream series.

UNCONFIRMED: Ashley Greene

It is pretty much the word on the street that the Twilight actress is out. Let’s examine the evidence: She was linked with the Jill role in the rumor-rounds, and now it has been made a big point in the official casting of Emma Roberts as Jill. We suppose she could still be in as a different character, but let’s be honest here: the Scream saga doesn’t just utilize any star that takes interest in a role, because it pretty much has a wide pick of young Hollywood.

UNCONFIRMED: Kevin Pennington

This one’s as far as rumorific as you can go, but the way his name was dropped so oft-handedly in an unrelated news piece at Avengers News makes us go “hmmm”. But let’s not get carried away just yet.

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15 Responses to “ Who’s In And Who’s Out ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. that kev penington guy is hilarious hes been self injecting his name into every big audition in hollywood. definitely made me say “hmmm” as well. anyone with a computer and a twitter page can now create a rumor mill for themselves…the fishiest thing is his management agency claims they also manage all these other big celebs but if you cross reference the names of these people they claim to represent on imdb, chris evans, dennis oh, devon aoki, etc. to name a few NONE of them are even represented by this so called “solace” management.i definitely smell b.s.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by joshua Ruano, Scream-Trilogy.net. Scream-Trilogy.net said: Casting Round-up! http://scream-trilogy.net/2010/06/whos-in-and-whos-out/ […]


  4. s4fan, Solace Management is a marketing management firm… not theatrical representation. they wont be listed on any imdb page for any of their clients since they don’t theatrically represent them. Kevin Pennington is with Endeavor.

  5. s4fan, wow you’re a serious hater.

    I just checked Kevin Pennington’s twitter and he put up on May 27th that he was not starring in Scream 4. Really stirring up the rumor mill for himself, isn’t he? LOL Kudos to him for clearing the rumor up. Stop hating on the poor guy, sounds like someone is jealous.

    I also checked out Solace(listed in LA business listings, so it’s legit) and if you took the time to visit their website they clearly say they are a marketing firm (right on their homepage), so BillyB is right that they won’t be listed on any of their clients IMDBs. It’s not like they have any big clients anyway. Devon Aoki? Chris Evans? Yeah, they aren’t huge. LOL

    But, point is, do your homework before you shit talk.

  6. Oh and i’m glad Emma Roberts and Hayden P are in the film! I like them both. :)

  7. to billyb: imdb lists management as well as commercial in addition to theatrical. ps endeavor no longer exists .

    to alycat811 AKA kevin pennington himself: why would i be jealous of you? if im jealous of anybody it would be someone with more credits than being an extra on 90210. you are obviously trying to stir publicity for yourself and its working to some extent . good for you. but people will soon see what u are doing. and its despicable. you posted that you went to an audition and then you linked to the scream 4 imdb page, u then deleted the tweet about scream 4. then u give little vague sprinklings about marvel having your “management” firm act as an “insider source” to those naive fan blogs . all so you could get your name out there on the net. sooo pathetic.

  8. s4fan – Endeavor is still a division at William Morris, even after the merge it is not gone. I know this because my friend works there. :)

    And IMDB does not list marketing firms for their clients. Their “manager” sure but never does it link to any marketing firm or agency.

    And wow, you really do hate that Pennington kid. lol

  9. By the way, I had to Google his twitter page. Dude does not seem to be doing what you are insinuating. He barely has 200 followers. I’m sure if he was so bent up on getting his name out there and spreading rumors about himself he would be doing a lot more to get his exposure out there. Nobody knows who he is and he seems pretty content with that.

    I can’t even tell he’s an actor really, I see he’s a “musician” and he’s hosting stuff for Axe Bodyspray and Playstation. Nothing exciting. I do appreciate his honesty when it looks like people interested in him from “rumors” ask him questions and he denies the rumors. Doesn’t seem like someone who is trying to become famous quite honestly.

  10. s4fan, you caught me!! :(
    Yes, I am Kevin Pennington. Sorry for being so conniving. I really just wanted the Scream freaks to like me. Maybe I should have “hinted” I was in Twilight to gain more twitter followers? What do you think?

    Oh and please excuse my marketing team, as they do not exist. I created that page solely to promote myself. They have such huge stars, dont they? I can only recognize two people on their entire website (well three, including me) and they don’t even list their “high calibur” of star names on their site. How stupid of them… they are trying to bank on having these “huge” names, right?

    But in all seriousness.. I could give two shits about Kevin Pennington. He’s eye candy and that’s it. I haven’t seen him say anything about Scream except that he’s not in it. He linked to the imdb page? Maybe he was a fan and deleted the tweet once he saw people made the wrong assumption. There’s tons of horror movies coming out, he could have been auditioning for any of them. Or maybe he has a small role and wasn’t supposed to talk about it. Who cares? You’ve obviously been thinking way too much about this guy. As for his management, the only thing I found of them commenting on Kevin is to debunk false rumors on comicbookmovie.com. I see no foul play, just someone trying to make a big deal over nothing. Maybe you are Kevin Pennington – you mentioned him as the first comment when there’s no proof he’s even in the film. Nobody would have mentioned him or gave a shit about his name being up there if it wasn’t for you. Omg… i’m coming up with my own theory now. :p

    But back to Emma and Hayden (and the CONFIRMED cast), I think these two will carry on the mantle for the next three films. I’d hate to see any of the old three die but I have a feeling Sidney will die. Or Gale since I saw a recent video interview where she didn’t seem too excited for Scream 4.

  11. lolol i wanted to see why there was so many comments on here and see that people are fighting over an extra? who the f cares?! he’s cute but he’s a nobody in the film, he even acknowledged it himself.

    lets talk about what we think of “whos in” not “whos out” but id like to add im so glad ashley greene did not get the role. she’s horrible. so glad rory culkin is in, he’s great!!!

  12. WHO FUCKING CARES? We have bigger things to worry about like:
    Julia Roberts fucking niece as the star of this movie? FAIL. This chick from Disney/Nickelodeon and all those kids movies is taking over the Scream mantle? She hasn’t proved ANYTHING. Horrible casting plus she isn’t even hot. Might as well cast Joe Jonas as the male lead and throw in Hillary Duff as the opening kill, for fuck sakes.

  13. I agree… very disappointed they hired Emma Robert as the lead.

  14. haha.. i really can’t imagine Hyden Panetierre playing a geek :D:D woow, so not expecting that. I thought she’d be the typical pretty, dumb girl, who is one of the victims .. and now she’s more like Randy .. cool, can’t wait to see how that turns out :)))

  15. Looking back… all the unconfirmed seem to be out.

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