Court Date Set For Craven Traffic Ticket

Pictured: Wes Craven and David Arquette during filming today, as posted by Arquette. Now, ponder the Scream-worthy irony of Craven making a movie that in part focuses on positive law enforcement roles like Sheriff Dewey Riley, juxtaposed with the famed director receiving a traffic ticket by one of Michigan’s real cops.

Twitter uses are already aware of this going down due to Craven himself tweeting the news, but we thought it worth sharing with our audience at large, with additional info available – it’s going to court. We’re unsure if a court attendance is standard finalization in the state when fines are issued. Regardless, it makes one wonder why the need to follow through with the fining when the point has already been made.

Famed horror movie director Wes Craven is part of a growing film industry spurring economic activity in Washtenaw County and across southeast Michigan.

And now it appears the “Scream 4″ director will be leaving a little extra money of his own behind in traffic court.

Craven, 70, was pulled over by officers with the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety July 10 after he failed to use a signal while turning onto a street near Central Campus, records show. He has a scheduled hearing in 15th District Court in downtown Ann Arbor July 26.

Court records show he handed officers a valid California driver’s license after he was stopped in a 2010 Toyota with a Michigan license plate at about 8 p.m. He faces a $130 fine.

According to his account, the famed director/producer thought he was stopped by Ann Arbor police and made it known he felt a warning was more appropriate.

“Got a ticket. Didn’t signal before turning. Just a warning would’ve been nice,” he posted shortly 1:30 a.m. July 14. “First moving violation in years. Thank you Ann Arbor police.”

Craven also posted two other tweets involving police since he began filming in Michigan, including one about a crew member stopped by police for taking pictures near the set and a trespassing paparazzi photographer.

Officials with the U of M police declined comment on the ticket issued to Craven.

When reached for comment, Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje, a proponent of local Hollywood filming, said he doesn’t interfere in police matters and that it’s within the officer’s discretion to issue a ticket.

Source: Ann Arbor Journal

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6 Responses to “ Court Date Set For Craven Traffic Ticket ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I agree with Wes on this one. Is this the only state that actually enforces this offense. Most states I’ve been in really could care less about minor issues like these. These cops mustn’t had really nothing better to do. Their has got to be better things for them to do. While he was in the wrong, I think a warning would have more than sufficed. I mean come on!!! These cops pulled him over and actually looked at his license which said WES CRAVEN and still gave him a ticket. If I was the cop, I would have gave him a warning and then gotten his autograph. That’s just me.

    I just realized why he got the ticket, the cops had to meet their quota for traffic offenses for that day. I don’t care what anyone says cops do pull people over to reach their ticket quota.

  2. Well of course cops pull people over to reach some sort of ‘quota’. If they came back to the station without having written any tickets, they’d be accused of not doing their job. You can’t really blame the officer–Wes WAS at fault. Turn signals are on a car for a

  3. Yeah but come on how many times have you forgotten your turn signal when you were by a cop and have them pull you over. Never, I’ve never been pulled over for missing my turn signal in the presence of a cop car. To me if you are pulled over for this offense it should be a warning ticket. I think an actual ticket should be given to those that are clearly breaking the law with a major violation.

  4. People should be much more outraged that another cop tried to stop someone from taking photos of the set! As a photographer myself there’s little that’s more infuriating then people, especially cops, than people that don’t know the laws and think they have the right to stop people from shooting in situations where they have no right to do so! Here’s the law folks, you have the right to shoot anything and anyone that’s in a public space or is visible from a public space or from a place you have the right to be unless it’s a military installation or other site where photos are officially designated as off limits due to bullshit “national security” regulations, or if you have to go to extraordinary lengths to obtain the photo in a private place visible from the public such as not just shooting someone’s house when they’re visible through the window, but if you had to use a telephoto lens or night vision camera to get the shot or you had to climb a tree to see over a fence etc.

    The fact that the set is off limits due to permitting means that someone who doesn’t have permission can’t be in the permitted area, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look or can’t shoot if you are near the set but not on it! If they want it to be a closed set or not to be photographed then they have to either construct obstructions to viewing or get permits for a wider area to keep people far enough away from the set. Any other attempts to stop photographers are just illegal bullying or depending on what steps are taken possibly assault or false arrest, kidnapping etc.

    Please be aware that some photographers are prepared to split your skull open with their cameras if you illegally assault or threaten or put them in danger in order to stop them shooting!

  5. I feel Wes’ pain on this one i’ve had my licence since I was 18.Always followed the law and just last year got my first ticket.From an officer who claimed I was going 40,when I was really going 35 which was the regular speed limit. Even if I did go 40 (which I wasn’t) a five speed increase isn’t qualified as speeding.

    I’ve heard of stories where other people,go past 100 mph in a 60 mph zone.Also just a few weeks ago I got a ticket in the mail from a traffic cam. That claimed I failed to stop at a stop light before turning.

    That was bogus as well because I always stop at stop light,even if i’m about make a turn. But I paid off both because 1. I didn’t think I could fight it and 2. I have more important matters to deal with.So I agree with Wes he should’ve at least gotten a warning.It’s not like he didn’t signal on purpose we all forget sometimes.

  6. Pulling someone for failing to use a signal? Now that’s some serious government over spending or an over zealous police force!

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