David Arquette & Anthony Anderson

The amiable David Arquette just posted this photo of him and a slim Anthony Anderson.

Grillin on the lake wth Ant Anderson! Goodtimes.

Still think there’s no way Anderson could be under the Ghostface robe? Cue the “Suspect Siren”…

Source: David Arquette

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13 Responses to “ David Arquette & Anthony Anderson ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. It’s nice to see that they are having fun down in Ann Arbor.

  2. That would break the rules! There has yet to be an African American killer or a young female killer. My money is on one of the two–or maybe even both!

  3. Cool pic. Also, Neil Prescott as the killer is one of the most ridiculously lame ideas that I’ve ever heard. I’d rather see Anderson as the killer. Kevin Williamson is much more creative than that. Sidney’s dad, give me an effing break! Lame.

  4. I believe that Adam Brody is one of the killers. I am going to stick on him until I see the movie.


  6. Keep up the good work!

    Personally i think Scream 4 is going to roll like this.Opening -Dimension Films logo appears with a modern eerie version of Red Right Hand playing! It’s been 16 years since the original massacre so we head back to Woodsboro where a whole new generation of fresh teenie booper’s take on scooby doo roles as a new ghostface killing marathon begins on the anniversary of the original murder’s. Martha Meek’s is the opening kill, bringing Dewey, Gale and Sid back into the equasion, however all is not what it seems!! Gale is soon fatally killed not long in, leaving Dewey determined on revenge with the aid of his new posse of deputies and longtime bud Sidney. A string of fresh killings follow, with new and old faces lining up as red herrings as the body count rises. There are three, yes three killers in this movie and their motives you say? It all relates back to the very beginning, hint hint! A series of flashbacks takes the audience to the final hour of Gale’s life and as alway’s the explosive finale brings the last two original survivor’s face to face for the last time with Ghostface where all becomes clear! Sadly for Sidney she forgets the rules and Ghostface appearing dead in the finale comes back for one final scare, taking Sid with him. Yes she dies, but embraces her fate telling Dewey that Tatum, Gale and herself will be waiting for him, with Sidney’s lament (theme tune) echoing a cold chill as she takes her last breathe in Dewey’s arms. The remaining survivors including Sidney’s cousin now command the franchise, as Dewey will not appear in the fourth and fifth films, only to be mentioned.
    Hope you all enjoy the franchise as much as i have!!! xx

  7. Frazer Brown:
    That completley sucks!!!!! Your not a fan! Haha! (=
    first thing first! Martha Meeks will not be in the film! Dewey and Gale are signed on for another film after this so your wrong again!. Sidney might die but the way you explain it sucks! and is a really bad idea! Also!!!! they WILL NOT!!! kill of any of the originals that early on in the movie! :P Please take this serious please!!!! Your ides are veryy crappy! This is how it will happen i think..
    Opening scene: Girl gets killed that attnded Woodsboro High!
    Through out the movie: Sid, Dewey, Gle and the :new faces: recognize that the killings are happening again, on the anniversatry of the original.

    XXXX :D

  8. I know this isn’t a possibility but wouldn’t it have been cool to have scream 4 be like New Nightmare. I mean imagine the gang shooting scream 4, when all of the stuff in the previous movies and the current one starts happening to everyone. I don’t know about you guys, but that seems pretty awesome. And it could end up being Wes Craven because he wanted to lay the movies to rest, but we all forced him to make a new one!!! That would be a awesome movie!

  9. I think this movie will be the best among the four scream I’m very anxious to come out in theaters here in Brazil here in Brazil is called panic scream I wanted to sidney, gale, dewey was alive to the 5:06 movie to continue there if they wanted to leave the film there in sixth movie they would die but did not finish the trilogy continued

  10. How many times is David going to grill? lol

  11. David looks like the kind of guy you’d really want to hang out with. His pics have been great so far. Looks to be having a great time.

  12. Cute picture of both of them!

  13. Lol i was thinking Martha Meeks would be the first killed too!
    but i was thinking the opening death would be like a new face… Like Casey Becker in the first…
    im gonna bet that Hayden Panetierre will die…the best friend always dies…

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