Ehren Kruger Scream 3 Interview

Since Ehren Kruger rewriting Kevin Williamson on Scream 4 is a sore point among fans, we thought we’d share this with you – a Fangoria Magazine interview from March, 2000 which illuminates the scribe’s Scream 3 intentions.

The most Kruger has ever discussed Scream 3, he describes how he approached the storytelling and scriptwriting process. Essential reading for any individual deciding on the scribe’s contributions to the saga whether positive or negative.

Also contains a light sidebar interview with Jenny McCarthy (Sarah Darling).

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15 Responses to “ Ehren Kruger Scream 3 Interview ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Kruger is NOT rewriting Kevin’s script.

  2. Kruger isn’t rewriting Kevin’s script.

  3. Has the studio even confirmed that Kruger is rewriting the script?

  4. Fun read. I love looking at old articles on these movies.

  5. Well, if Kruger is working on the script, it is from a complete treatment unlike the 20/30 page treatment that Kevin turned in with Scream 3. I give kudos to Kruger for doing his best.

  6. The only issue I have with Ehren Kruger is that, I don’t think he cares about the 3 main characters: Sidney, Dewey, and Gale, as much as Kevin Williamson does, and it makes nervous that he might kill off one of this characters,(most of all Sidney) but realistically even if Kevin Williamson had not been replaced I think that the main characters still have the same chances of getting killed off.

  7. Wow, seeing this takes me back to being 14. :)

  8. Already said:
    A polish is not a rewrite. And it’s not even confirmed.

  9. And maybe Williamson is using some of his ideas for the Woodsboro Highschool setting for Scream 4. Wich is great.

  10. Ehren Kruger is now listed as the screenwriter of Scream 4 on the IMDB. Are we going to get an official announcement soon or what?!

  11. IMDB is not accurate. Anybody can post anything. I just change back to Kevin but imdb takes days for updates.

  12. Does anyone know where to find a copy for Kevin Williamson’s outline for Scream 3?

  13. copy of**

  14. Yes, please do not believe anything on IMDB until the movie itself is completed and in post. Just safer that way. ;)

  15. So did we ever get confirmation on Williamson no longer being attatched?

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