Exclusive Photos: Woodsboro’s Obsession Revealed

We’ll have more galleries up a little later as photos are still filtering in. For now enjoy these exclusive photos from Scream-Trilogy reader Michael. Previously, Fun World’s R.J. Torbert teased that the town of Woodsboro has an obsession…

Today’s location shoot brings fruit to that comment as it is visually confirmed that the source of that obsession are the original murders, which the town illustrates by decorating the streets with Ghostface effigies.

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11 Responses to “ Exclusive Photos: Woodsboro’s Obsession Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Reminds me of the town of Roswell with all the alien obsession. Scream will now have Ghostface obession lol.

  2. This must be so cool for the locals to see all this going on

  3. Thats the obsession? WOW! I thought is was gonna be something good lol

  4. Dan, we’re probably going to see more in the film. Like, people running around with the ghostface costume, girls screaming, lol.. etc.

  5. This is also a perfect set-up for hiding the killer in plain sight, almost like the opening of Scream 2. You think you’re safe–and suddenly you’re not…

  6. This is really great. It’s going to be a lot of fun. These pictures have been great. It’s terrible that we have to wait so long for the movie to come out!.

  7. Agreed. I know there will be other ghostface costumes in the movie, but I’m willing to bet there will be hooligans wearing the original costume as well, to make it even more suspenseful. I love the big ghostface props!

  8. Well if they’re running around with THOSE ones on, its going to make the film look really shit. Someone running around with a huge head, isnt exactly scary

  9. anyone else notice that Gale’s newsvan from S1 is in many of these shots? the kqis 6 truck.

  10. @Dan,

    Nobody said they would be running around with those big Ghostface heads on.

  11. Cool! but if that was a real town & real life it would be kind of sick.

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