Inside The Woodsboro Murders

Behold, The Woodsboro Murders book as featured in Scream 3. It was auctioned off for Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s The Max Foundation charity at some point. While the win estimate was $500 – $1,500, it went for merely $400 – now that’s a steal. Or one hell of an engagement present.

SCREAM 3 – Gale Weathers’ (COURTNEY COX) Hero Screenused Faux Book Prop – A cleverly crafted fake book prop with a custom-made dust jacket displaying the title, “Woodsboro Murders” and the author’s name, Gale Weathers (COURTNEY COX) in yellow and purple lettering. The cover design has a shadowy image of the killer’s mask and fake blood drops running down the length. The inside of the 6 1/4″ x 9 1/4″ book actually contains about 450 pages from “The Life of Evelyn Waugh,” and one square section of the book has been hollowed out and fashioned to hold two faux silver and diamond rings!

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  1. what the hell

  2. what the hell

  3. Thats cool.

  4. Thats cool.

  5. Hum, I see something about my country, Brazil :O

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