Next Chapter Bookstore Ready For Scre4m

A Michigan bookstore is the latest location to bring Scream 4 to life. It has recently been set up for filming, here are the details on that from Detroit Free Press.

‘Scream 4′ gives owners of new Northville bookshop a huge thrill
By Tom Walsh

Dan and Kathy Comaianna had not even opened the doors of their quirky new shop, the Next Chapter Bookstore & Bistro in downtown Northville, when a couple of location scouts for film director Wes Craven stopped by in late April.

Craven needed a bookstore to shoot a scene for “Scream 4,” the latest in his series of popular horror films starring Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell and other big names.

The location scouts loved the shop. They loved the name. Craven did, too, when he flew in to check it out a day or two later. A deal was quickly struck.

This week, the Next Chapter becomes a film set, with Craven, Cox, Campbell and others scheduled to shoot there Tuesday and Wednesday.

And this is just the latest twist in the Comaiannas’ topsy-turvy tale of birthing a small family business.

Right out of the movies
Dan Comaianni always wanted to open an espresso bar, but never did he imagine that this “Next Chapter” of his life would bring a storm, a flood and “Scream 4″ to his quaint little shop.

And that’s all before Comaianni and his family have even had a chance to hold a grand opening for the Next Chapter Bookstore & Bistro at 141 E. Main.

“It’s wonderful,” Comaianni said Friday amid a frenzy of electricians, carpenters and set decorators scurrying around the store, preparing it for a movie scene to be shot there this week. “They say they want to help us out, spend their money here. They even want us, my chef, to make the props, like cakes and pastries, used in a scene.”

As we sat in the shop, temporarily closed to the public and surrounded by yellow-and-black crime scene tape warning “Police Line Do Not Cross,” Dan and his wife, Kathy, and daughter Lindsay Comaianni shared the improbable story of the Next Chapter’s journey from fuzzy idea to weather disaster to movie star.

Be sure to read the whole article, which goes on to detail some of the changes production have made to the store.

Here is a photo from their Facebook page to give you an idea of what the interior of the store looks like. Could Sidney Prescott be doing a book signing here?

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12 Responses to “ Next Chapter Bookstore Ready For Scre4m ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This is exciting. I hope to see some pics of Neve and Courteney on set or maybe a video. I think its a bookstore signing since Sidney is on her book tour. But the yellow crime tape has me intrigued. Making me think that another night of filming will be about a death scene that will be in the film. :-)

  2. I Love Scream and i hope the Filming continues

  3. I think the crime scene tape is up to keep people away from the store as the crew finishes its work and then films scenes.

  4. Maybe the crime scene tape is a promotional thing in tune to the nature of Sidney’s book?. Whatever it means, this is cool, and the store looks great. I hope there will finally be some photos of Courteney and Neve.

  5. It doesn’t sound like Sidney’s character to be doing a book signing. She was hating all the publicity in the previous films, so why would she be doing a book signing now?!

  6. It’s been so many years. She’s probably at peace with it all now….but probably not for long!. Lol.

  7. I don’t think the yellow and black tape is publicity. It also has ‘Police Line Do Not Cross’

    Must be a murder or something! Sounds good!

  8. Maybe this is the opening scene?. Maybe Sid is the opening victim?. I know a lot of people were thinking it. After the book signing, she’s alone, or there’s a store manager or something and Ghostface appears. A week or so ago, one site, whose name I don’t remember, said that Sidney was going to be pulling a “Buffy Season 7″ at Woodsboro High, but it wasn’t reported anywhere else from what I could tell. Seems to be just a rumor. Anyways, it’s just a thought.

  9. I’m already starting to feel better about this movie. After all that bad press from last week, I think things may be turning around. Was wondering when Courtney would show up. She’s the only original cast member we haven’t seen yet.

  10. I agree Jerry. I was momentarily dismayed with the bad press, but I am getting really excited again.

  11. She can be at peace with it now, I get that. It doesn’t mean she has to become a money-grabbing whore like Gail Weathers and sell-out by writing a book. I just don’t think I could buy that…

  12. Im starting to think more and more that Sidney dies at the book signing since there is not much other “on set” photos of her. She does the book signing,gets murdered and gale and Dewey are all over it trying to find out who did it.

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