Photos/Details: The Barn (Possible Spoilers)

According to reports, here’s the lowdown on the Barn. Warning: if true, this is a huge download of Scream 4 info.

This last photo was taken on the 21st. According to Timothy the pic is a Ghost Face Scarecrow in front of the barn set on Saline Waterworks Rd earlier today, looks like they are setting up/filming a part scene and these scare crows were all over the property along with party lights strung up.

Updated information: Looks like the setting is a Stab-A-Thon party, they started shooting after dark with Courtney Cox arriving in the gold car to the party, there was lots of extras in the party that where dressed as the Ghost Face killer, Courtney was filmed putting on the Ghost Face mask as she exited the car to sneack into the party. Thanks again Tim for going out there!!

Source: Before The Trailer

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35 Responses to “ Photos/Details: The Barn (Possible Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Awesome!!!! I stab-a-thon party. Where is my invite?

  2. Wow!. I love Gale doing her sneaking around. This is getting so interesting!.

  3. Digging it! Creepy atmosphere!

  4. This just keeps getting more and more awesome! I can’t wait! Wonder how long before we see a trailer!?

  5. Woah! That’s awesome! I bet that scene’s gonna be awesome! I tried so hard not to read that little spoiler at the end, but my eyes wouldn’t let me avoid it!

  6. “Were out in the middle of nowhere…they will never make it in time”.

    This looks good. Nothing but a barn to add to the creepy atmosphere.

  7. I hope theres a chase thought the crops from the ‘stab-o-thon’ barn, to the other one!!! xD this film will be great!!!

  8. Too bad that Sidney dies halfway through the movie.

  9. How do ppl think Sidney dies ?!? Huh she can’t :(

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sidney does indeed die, as I can’t imagine Neve doing the movie unless she was killed. It would actually be surprising if she lived!

    Great pictures, but shouldn’t the ghostfaces on the poles be the scarecrow ones instead of the regular costume?

  11. WHEATHER SHE DIES OR NOT, CAN WE STOP TELLING EATCHOTHER THAT SHE DOES??? I think she will survive the first one then die in the second, she may even be the opening kill in S5 that would be good (And sad)

  12. I’ve read the shooting script, she definitely dies about 40 pages in.

  13. What? Yeah but theres probably loads of scripts!! how have u?

  14. What script is it? the draft?

  15. nah jj…you didn’t! :)…what about when you sead Sid dies at the vary beginning of Scream 4? Now its the middle???…and Gale is barley in the movie is she?…I mean, being a lair is not a requirement for one to be able to be on/post comments on this web site…im just saying, in case you weren’t aware! No more lies JJ…kk? :D

  16. She doesn’t die 40 pages in.. she’s confronted by a ‘fan’ at book signing that puts her on edge.

  17. Also, I have read (a fraction) of the screenplay and parts of it remind me of Zombie’s Halloween II. The book, the barn…

  18. The script I have she dies about 40 pages in. She was originally going to die at the very beginning but because of the money they are paying Neve they insisted she be in it longer and Kevin rewrote the script from being Sid-less, to Sid-cameo to Sid supporting role. Sidney dies, Dewey dies, Gale almost dies but pulls a “Dewey” at the end.

  19. Um no, from what I’ve read the script eluded to the fact that Sidney vanishes much like her father did in Scream. This brings Jill into the forefront. I’m guessing that’s what happens at the book signing.

    Sidney doesn’t want to do most things her publisher talks her into. Having a book signing on the anniversary of her mother/friends murders tells the public she comes to terms with her past, that she has a stronger persona now. Woodsboro’s especially a trigger for Sidney now that it’s a hot spot for tourists around the anniversary of the murders. It bring the town in a lot of money, especially in this economy. Hence why they don’t tare down a lot of the Stab stuff.

    The pictures posted yesterday of Gale with the publicist, I bet its of a conversion when Gale gets heated that the publicist didn’t see/hear anything.

    It’s obvious to anyone (even within the leaks of the photos) that Gale is predominantly in this film. She’s not as famous/successful as she was. Sort of a has been. This is her way back on the shelves. I even detected a bit of jealousy towards Sidney for her recent successful book.

    As for Jill. The movies is about trying to find out where the horror genre is today, the new rules. What’s big today folks? Remakes…

  20. So JJ your just saying that is what happens in the “script” you read, and you ARE NOT implying that that is what indeed happens in the film, correct? Because honestly that makes NO CENCE! Kevin had a hole idea of the fourth film with Sid in it. THEN it was reported Neve would not be in the film, SOOO he tweeted about having to think of an idea for a fourth film with out her, a “sid-less” idea.AND i don’t believe that when Neve Committed to the film she would only be appearing in a cameo (such as dieing during the cold open)AND then AND ONLY THEN when they realized how much money they were paying her, they decided the Pay wasn’t worth the work. SO they rewrote the script AGAIN to include Sidney as a supporting role….mmmm nop…nop nop nop. JJ honestly no. Just……noooo. p.s. Gale out of the three lives? mmmm no agian. If any one it would be Dewey cence (according to you) he has the biggest role in this film. AND if Kevin was going to kill of 2 of the 3 main charictors, he would clearly pic the actor with the most availability. Courteney, Probably the least available (Couger Town). Neve, probably the second least available and most reluctant. David would be the clear choice. Im sorry J but you just are not, A. making cence OR B. Being honest soooo…??? IDK man. You kinda have a thing were you seem to start stuff on here. OH YAH and P.S.S. if you ever get your hands on the real shooting script (yah right), Please do not try and ruin what happens for the rest of the peeps on here ight? :D

  21. OMG! it was SO awesome!!! you should have seen the inside of the barn!!!!!

  22. JJ doesn’t have any script, not a real script, not even a fake script, or fan script. He’s just trying to get attention like always.

  23. Did anyone else notice that the flags on the Police Department were at half mast?

  24. Yes, because Deputy Hicks gets killed.

  25. yes and then right after that, a bomb goes of destroying the hole town of Woodsborow, along with half f L.A.! ;) i got your back JJ! (?????????????????? i mean idk what he is trying to do right now soooo…im just playin along??)

  26. Let me clear myself up here ok? It isn’t completely out of the question that Hicks gets killed, just the way your saying it sounds like you know this for a fact and how and when he gets killed…we all know jj doesn’t have any kind of real script, and if he did…IF YOU DID JJ why would you propously go out of your way to ruin the movie for us? (i mean he isn’t ruining really. cause you know…im positive he is making it up but even if HE thinks its real…how is he going to tell us everything and ruin it like that) if there was a dislike button on the site i would dislike YOU JJ!

  27. If Neve’s character dies in the script i’d take it as a grain of salt. This is Scream we’re talking about here Wes is known for covering his ass. I’m sure he’s got at least four or five different scripts made.

  28. I do not come to this board for people to tell me what will happen. I am all about following the production and discussing speculation, but I do not like posters spoiling the entire movie. Epic fail posters! Epic fail on your part. Take your crap away from here!

  29. RIGHT! So does Sidney survive the blooddy film or not? Better yet… CAN SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ALOT ABOUT THE FILM EMAIL ME …

  30. We can confirm to you that “JJ” (who lives in San Jose) is a common internet troll that takes fan-theories and extrapolates them as fact. He has been banned, and let us make it clear that anyone like him is NOT welcome at and will be dealt with swiftly and without warning.

  31. thankyou!! i really like this site for the production photos and sets and twitter posts, not randoms who supposedly have the “script”.


  33. scarecrow ghostface making an apparence maybe???


  35. You all should just stop giving away spoilers. It’s no fun. Just discussing excitement for the film should suffice. No need to ruin it for us all though.

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