Photos: Gale And The Dewdrop Bunch

The latest daytime shoot brings Gale Weathers/Riley (Courteney Cox Arquette) to the bookstore, along with Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and his posse: Deputy Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton) and two whippersnapper cops (Adam Brody & Anthony Anderson).

After more images from the day? Behind The Trailer have their own photo set from the shoot, and over at On Location Vacations see a fan get the ultimate win.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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13 Responses to “ Photos: Gale And The Dewdrop Bunch ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Sweet! Can not wait for this movie. Hope you guys will have a trailer/preview first.

  2. Sweet!! Can not wait for this movie. Hope you guys will get the trailer/preview first.

  3. Very cool. Wonder what’s happening at Sid’s book signing?. I say an overzealous fan in a Ghostface costume. Maybe Ghostface himself?.

  4. @ barry: great idea! :D

  5. @wes If it isn’t Sidney’s swan song, then it must be someone who royally scares her. I don’t know why else the cops would be called. Can’t wait to find out!.

  6. I doubt Sid will die in the first film. I reckon it’s just a scare. Or there’s two killers, and this one threatens her in front of everyone, kind of like the scene in scream 2 with sidney and cotten in the college library :)

  7. I do think that there is the possibility that Sid might not survive the movie. (I have a feeling Neve would not want to come back for future installments, as it was hard enough to get her for the last two.) However, I do not think that she will be killed at the book signing, though I’m sure that a body will show up.

    Of course, there is also the possibility that the film will move beyond Sid as its focus, allowing her to exit the series alive…

  8. mabey gale got jealous of sidnet and they got in a fight lol… looks like bruce willis behind adam brody

  9. I thought I read somewhere that Dewey and the cops were directing the lines of people who were there to meet Sidney? A person like Sidney, coming back to promote her book during the remembrance week, would probably need some security, as she’s a celebrity. I guess something could always go wrong with an over zealous fan, so maybe that’s why the cops are there as well.

  10. No lol she wont die in the first film, probably in the second like randy did!

  11. I don’t think Sid will make it out of this one alive. I really don’t. Passing the torch to Emma Roberts in Scream 4.

  12. I DONT think either that Sydney will die in Scream 4 , she WONT , guys , she WONT. Maybe she will die in the opening sequence of Scream 6….. or in the ending of Scream 5….. Why are the cops in the bookstore???!!!!!!…….. Hmmm….

  13. I Dont want her to die, if she dies in the first film, i dont see the point to having further films since she sparked it off. if she was gonna die, it would be in the 6th one right at the end

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