Photos: The Fountain Society

It’s a Scream 4 photo smorgasboard as David Arquette walks tall, Wes Craven ponders a crossword, and new-blood high school students hang out at a very familiar fountain. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We can spot Nico Tortorella, Erik Knudsen, Rory Culkin, Marielle Jaffe, and Hayden Panettiere, and (maybe) the back of Emma Roberts. We’ve included a shot of the original Scream fountain scene for nostalgic symmetry.

Photos brought to you by Before The Trailer. There were a lot of cameras out during the day – so you can catch further galleries @ 48170 and WDIV Detroit.

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13 Responses to “ Photos: The Fountain Society ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I wonder will they mirror the conversation from the first film. Will they be as snappy and as clever with their dialogue?
    Hope this is good.

  2. Marielle is HOT!!!

  3. jeah marielle is the hottest lady there. :)
    all the teens looks amazing! great cast. :) who is emma? dead?

  4. The new fountain looks a little different, but I’m still happy that they’re including it. GAH when’s the trailer coming out?? I’m dying!

  5. Dewey should NOT die at all. He’s got his posse now so the Ghostface better watch their back instead.

    While they are at it, they should keep Adam Brody around for Scream 5 but make him lose his badge so he’ll have a civilian role. He’ll be angry, mopey, depressed and he’ll blame somebody from Scream 4 for his downfall. HAH.

  6. The scenes looks great!! I can’t wait for this movie to come out. April 15,2011, come quick. ;-)

  7. I wonder if the absence of Emma Robert’s character is saying something. Maybe her death is the catalyst and will be the opening scene. Could explain why Emma Roberts was photoed only renting Scream and not the sequels. We assumed she was studying the role of Sydney. Maybe she was studying Casey instead.

  8. I don’t know…. What is going on here? Are we remaking scream or creating a new trilogy? Do we really need to rehash old scenes? I mean, I am excited as anyone about one, or knock on wood three more films but come on!!! That and I’m still quite skeptical about Kruger… Anything news to report on that front? The whole remembrance thing too, what going on with that? I mean seriously, what town commemorates a tragedy by celebrating those who committed the atrocious act? I don’t know, I’m still very excited but becoming more and more skeptical. Very much hope that I am wrong and that some good news comes soon!!!

    but adam, I dig where your coming from.
    it seems very possible,
    why not kill sids cousin to start a connection?
    Best theory I’ve heard so far!

  9. by the way, great site! keep it up!!!

  10. @stuwasthebestkiller

    come on, the kids are just sitting in front of a fountain. It’s probably meant to be a traditional thing at Woodsboro high. Kids are going to sit THERE you know. Go and crack open your parents yearbooks (assuming you attend the same high school they went too) and you’ll find a familiar structure that are a popular hang out spot as well.

  11. I am beginning to think maybe Emma Roberts-Jill will b killed off in the beginning along with her mother Kate-Mary McDonnell. No pix have showed up yet of Mary…. lol

  12. I cannot wait to see the trailer. I wonder who dies. I bet Marielle dies, the hot girl always dies. Hayden has a pretty good chance because the best friend always dies, but at the same time Marielle will most likely die, so maybe Hayden will make it do the sequel.

  13. Stuwasthebestkiller…

    As far as I know, they’re remaking Scream AND doing a sequel. That’s how clever this film’s horror commentary is. That they can revisit this and do an in-film “remake” in order to comment on horror while still being an in-continuity sequel-is a strength of the films and not a detriment! At least in my view, because I prefer to be optimistic.

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