Photo/Video: Paranormal Dewey

Since Scream 4 began shooting less than a week ago, fans in Michigan have been captivated by the chance to capture cast members with their cameras and phones. But there is no higher bounty than that of the original cast members.

David Arquette has been spotted a few times, and onlookers attempts to capture the moment have failed: here’s a blurry we picked up on Flickr – leap of faith – that looks like Sheriff Dewey on the right. It sure isn’t Deputy Judy Hicks, that we can safely say!

So maybe capturing Arquette on video would fare easier. Let’s move in for a closer look.

Or not. Has a celebrity finally gained supernatural powers to obscure the vision of all papparazzi – professional and amateur? Or is it only a matter of time before someone in the right place at the right time gets a clear pic of one of the original beloved trio?

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15 Responses to “ Photo/Video: Paranormal Dewey ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. i hate ehren kruger! scream 3 sucks!!! scream 4 is game over. :(

  2. i hate to concur with Dennis but I have to. The major excitement about this film was that it was going to reunite Kevin, Wes, and the rest of the cast…now thats blown to hell and I am PISSED!

  3. It’s just too hard to tell if that’s him or not.

  4. its still Kevin’s original finished scream 4 script they are using (as i am understanding it) and Ethren is just doing on set rewrites (wich is still vary stupid) but it better than no Kevin at all. IDK maybe i just feel like i want to love this new film so much that even if it sucks ill walk out of the theater saying i love it…idk? But im keeping my thoughts positive, cause i mean i don’t think scream 3 sucked in anyway. sure 3 was, as many say, “The weakest (wich may be true but that saying still sounds harsh and negative about the 3rd film to me and i could go that far to even speak those words)I am hoping scream 4 will be a vary smart new fresh horror with a little comedy like the original. I just want it to be January or December already so that i can watch the first trailer for the movie in the theaters and piss myself! watching the trailer is half the fun!

  5. i love scream & scream 2 but scream 3 was still a silly movie!

  6. Yeah, we need to make this clear to the online comminity:
    Rewrites happen on EVERY movie, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for Kevin to be doing rewrites while his other project (“The Vampire Diaries”) has him back in Atlanta.

    Sure, “SCREAM 3″ didn’t compare to the original two, but it was by no means a BAD film. In fact, Ehren Kruger did give us some pretty good points… all in all, though, it just wasn’t at the same level as Kevin’s first two masterpieces.

    Kruger is just doing the rewrites, taking care of bits and pieces along the way that need to be spruced up or edited.


  7. I come to this site because I am truly excited for the film. I am going to have to stop coming if every piece of news about the film other than rewrites/Ehren is going to have people complaining about their hate for Scream 4.

  8. I’ll say this – I would still rather have a Scream 4 with rewrites by Ehren Kruger any day than another Platinum Dunes remake.

  9. The above posting has nothing to do with Kruger (thankfully). People need to stop overreacting and being idiots about this. This is the problem with many online fanbases-they’re stupid and judge everything before they understand it. I know it’s futile but I would just like to plead with those of you out there giving credence to this trash, please don’t turn the Scream fanbase into one of those stupid and judgmental ones that has no perspective.

  10. exactly right alex and denny..truer words were never spoken…or writtin lol

  11. Denny, the evidence is overwhelming. We understand perfectly well. The people who don’t and are calling all of this rubbish and people “idiots” are kidding themselves to make themselves believe it’s all trash and no one knows what they are talking about, when everything that is coming out of the Scream base camp is suggesting otherwise. Will Scream 4 suck?. Only time will tell. What appears to be pretty clear is that something is definitley going on, and Kruger is definitley in.

  12. Everything coming out of the Scream base camp? You mean a few Zap2It articles that don’t name sources? Honestly, you along with the writer of those articles on Zap2It, need to get over yourself along with your assumptions.

    Kruger being involved doesn’t mean the film sucks, doesn’t mean he’s rewriting the whole script or ANYTHING of that sort. Nor do scheduling conflicts mean people thought the script sucked or was changed too much. The film was pushed back and some shooting dates overlap so people couldn’t commit the time.

    Kruger adding in a minor scene here, another there, tweaking the dialogue a bit for one day’s shooting or another’s. That isn’t Kevin “off the project” (so much as in Atlanta). That isn’t Kruger “rewriting the film” (so much as doing revisions and alterations).

    This type of stuff happens on NEARLY EVERY film. But because Kevin’s busy and Kruger (from Scream 3) is helping and some people have some TV shows, everyone’s overreacting.

    In short, please stop being idiots about this. You’re BETTER than this. We all are.

  13. I know you are not suppose to believe everything you read but…the new article (witch title includes sushie…??) is scarring me. The only thing making me feel better about it , is sadly, the people commenting saying it sounds like B.S. Which of coarse i would choose to believe over bad news. All i know is iv waited 10 years for scream 4 OK? SO FOR THE LOVE OF ME, DON’T SCREW IT THE FUCK UP! Kruger didn’t ruin Scream 3. It may not have been the film it could have been, but i surly loved that shit! BUT what Denny sead was right. If Kevin wrote a script in January…why would they dump that one for something Kruger wrote??? RIDICULOUS!

  14. OKAY!!! we need to stop!!!! I thiink Ehren Kruger did a good job on Scream 3!!!! In fact i like it better than SCREAM 2!!! but it didnt live up to the original!!! I loved SCREAM 3!!! and thought it was very creative xD why do people hate it soo much??? :o

  15. It’s NOT himmmmm…awww this is funny

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