Scream 4 Budget “About $40 Million”

The latest on The Weinstein Co’s money-juggling yields a surprise nugget about Scream 4 as well as a look at their production strategy which involves a slate of Scream-relevant movies like Scary Movie 5, which we’ve heard will be a reboot.

The goal for TWC is to have four to six wide releases a year and at least a half-dozen other limited releases, both in-house productions and acquisitions.

The company’s next wide release will be “Piranha 3-D,” opening Aug. 20 in more than 2,000 domestic theaters with a marketing campaign of about $30 million. Apparently, TWC has been able to book the number of 3D screens it needs.

That will mark the first movie in a renewal of the Dimension division run by Bob Weinstein. Other sequel titles being developed include “Hellraiser” and “Children of the Corn.”

Wide releases are planned for “Scream 4″ in April and then “Spy Kids 4″ in August 2011, both now in production with budgets of about $40 million each. In active development for wide release are sequels to “Scary Movie” and “Halloween,” among others.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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22 Responses to “ Scream 4 Budget “About $40 Million” ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Another Scary Movie….noooooooo! I hate parody films!

  2. i know – i saw that scay movie 5 thing and just went “whaaaaaat”

  3. i wounder if theyll have a scre4m trailer ready by pirahnah 3d?

  4. I love the Scary movies!! I have been wishing for Scary movie 5 and yes, they are finally making one. At least the Scary movie parodies are pretty darn funny compared to some of the other movies out there. Woot woot for Scary movie 5!! :-)

  5. The first two scary movies are two of my favorite comedies of all time! It would be great if they could give it a proper reboot. I’ve been hearing about a hellraiser reboot for awhile, but now that scream 4 is coming to life, I’m quite hopeful! I mean, it would be great to see a teaser during Piranha 3D, (which looks fun by the way!) but its doubtful. But after all, Jon Favreau showed from what I’ve been hearing, amazing looking footage of cowboys vs aliens at comic con, and they have only been shooting for about a month! So you never know!!!!

  6. Scream 4, scary movie 5, and Halloween3!?! Yessssss!!!! can’t wait!!!!

  7. I liked the first “Scary Movie”. Part 2 was incredibly awful. 3 and 4 just run together to me. I don’t know which one is which.

    I want another Halloween movie, as long as it is a REAL Halloween movie, and not another Rob Zombie-type monstrosity.

  8. I loved the original Scary Movie when it came out and enjoyed each of the sequels, too. Anna Farris really makes that franchise. Hopefully she is involved in the fifth film. Her and Regina Hall, that is.

  9. alot of people say that Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” and “Halloween 2″ were awful, and i just …do not agree. and people have indeed told me that i like those films because i have not seen the origanals. But you no what? I Have no desire to see the orgiansl..what so ever. I know they are a HUGE part of slasher history but, idk, maybe some day. AND I HATE the idea of Halloween 3 being directed by some one else AND being in 3D, 3D Movies SUCK. i would be so pissed if any of the screams were in 3D. Scary Movie 1, and 2 were GRATE! 3 was ok (but i went in hating the idea of it being PG-13) and 4 SUCKED BALLS. The reason i like the Scary Movies are because they have a consistent cast, unlike some parody films. If Anna and Regina arnt in Scary Movie 5, I wont be going to see that film. CANT WAIT FOR SCREAM 4. Iv been buying all the old Entertainment Weekly’s from 1998-2000 with the covers of the scream 2-3 cast on them to read the spred inside! i so badly want it to be as good as the orginal SCREAM!!!

  10. I think Rob Zombie’s version was in ways better than some of the sequels.

  11. I figure that there would be a Scary Movie 5. I just hope its funny and they dont try and parody off from Scream 4, because that would be old and tiresome. Because that what Scary Movie did with Scream 1. Plus bring back the Wayans bros.

  12. i liked the fist 2 scary movies but thin they star getting really dumb


  14. I think I might be one of the very very few that actually enjoyed Scary movie 3. I didn’t like 4 very much. I loved the original, #2 and I enjoyed 3 also. Looking forward to part 5. I know I already posted that, but since so many seem to have not liked 3, I just wanted to throw my unwanted two cents into this topic.
    I didn’t care for the Rob Zombie Halloween movies at all. I’m an old timer I guess. Halloween 1 & 2 are my favorite horror movies. Not of all time, but very close to it. I HATED part 3 Season of the Witch. What a piece of crap movie that was. At least Rob Zombie’s movies were original and leaned more towards the Michael Meyers story.
    Scream is also a favorite (all the screams I should say). Can’t wait for the new trilogy to finally be here.

  15. I didn’t like the first two Scary Movies that much because they were so crude and trying too hard. The problem with the latter two is basically the exact opposite as far as I can tell.

  16. After the demise of the Weinstein led Miramax these types of films were few and far between. We were forced to wade through the Titanics and big super movies by the truckload, literally. Many of them good, certainly popular – but genre movies always have a place in the market.

    The secret is quality of craft whether your setting up a shot on something like Schindler’s List or Scre4m. That may sound pretentious as hell but recent movies have shown us the light in this regard. Ironman and The Dark Knight period, end of story. Talented artists picked up the reins of popcorn movies and expanded their scope and depth – their emotional and cinematic impact.

    It’s nice to have the return of The Weinstein brother’s to genre moviemaking with sensible budgets and proven fanbases for support. We must get out and put our asses in those seats, guys and gals. I dig these flix. Always have, always will. Loved Zombie’s take on Halloween, and Craven’s Scream Series.

    This press release indicates we’re tunneling back into a time warp; back to the salad days of The Weinstein’s dabbling in fun popcorn entertainment AND hoping to build up their studio for the good of themselves, but also moviemaking in general. Good to see. They brought quality to these genre flix and the SCREAM TRIOGY is proof of that. Hello!

    Hopefully this cinema Ad fontes – back to the sources – we find ourselves in, results in some 1970s homages like we saw with CopLand, Jackie Brown, The Yards, etc. I have been wishing and praying for the Weinsteins to return to peak form. Lord knows, cinema, flix, and popcorn movies need ‘em.

  17. I liked the remake of Halloween alot. It’s style is very typical of a Rob Zombie movie (i.e. Stripers, Gore, Sex, Grit), which can be boring, but I thought it was a great retelling of the story. The sequel however was a travesty. I’m sure Donald Pleasance must’ve turned over in his grave. As a result, I found it proper to toss my copy of the first remake away out of respect to Pleasance’s Dr. Loomis and decide to stick to the original storyline.

    As for Scary Movie 5, we can do with or without it…don’t make no nevermind. :P

    I guess we’ll have to see what will be brought to the table with all of the remakes of beyond epic horror films…

    Scream 4 so far seems like it’ll be satisfactory what with new faces being added to the mix. Hopefully the twist at the end will have catch us off guard so we can all have a great scream about it.

  18. :/ why another Scary Movie? They stopped being funny (to me anyway) after the first film. I’m not liking the idea of remakes of Hellraiser and Children of the Corn either. Halloween III I’m okay with because I read somewhere that Rob Zombie isn’t going to be involved with it (correct me if I’m wrong). As for Spy Kids 4… wtf? Oh well, at least Scream 4 still looks like it’s going to be amazing!

  19. $40 million smackos sounds about right. It means The Weinstein’s are spending about as much on the new trilogy{depending how Scream 4 does} as they did with the original trilogy. It makes a lot sense, especially nowadays. I’m going to say this movie is going to make some cash.

    It has history. Lots of it. It has rabid fanbase to begin with. Everyone who was probably in their early thirties down to sixteen years old in 1996 when the first movie came out is going to go see this flick.

    And don’t forget the fans Scream has picked up after their release.

    It has been a long time sense I’ve been excited about a series getting a fresh pair of legs. When Hollywod was remaking all these movies starting the begining of the decade, I wondered – curious as hell – will they make another Scream movie?

    I think all the Scream movies were good. Sure, the first and second movie out-rock the third installment, but they’re all good flicks. The problem with Scream 3 wasn’t the story as much as it didn’t seem to give you the full throttle the series felt like it needed to go out on.

    My hopes and dreams are up for this Trilogy. Most of the time we get easy outs when it comes to storytelling; everyone folds ’cause their tired and their hearts aren’t in it.

    I don’ think so, folks.

    I think Kevin Williamson not only got Jazzed about a great idea for three movies, I also think he wanted to explore new territory – new ideas, which is what all the new characters are about imo. Everyone pays, everyone rides – Everyone.

    This is going to be a of fun, Scream fiends.

  20. I’m jazzed about The Weinstein Company and their entire slate of pictures they’re gearing to pump into production.

    It is about damn time.

    The late 90s and the last decade weren’t very kind to brother’s Weinstein. They lost their company, their flavor, their uniqueness, and their place in the indie and genre audiance. Titanic and The Star Wars prequels didn’t help. Once those slipped out of the cave we ran headlone into a slew of very good and very big pictures; the Weinstein’s seemed unable to operate in a world where executives turned back to what worked in the 80s only aided this time by adding a splice of artistic craft to the big whoppers they served up.

    The industry is changing and it is always changing. There’s room for The Little engine that could. I look at Hellraiser and all the different things this company is committed to doing and it frankly sets my clothes on fire.

    This is great news.

    All we need know is to buttress these fine horror offerings with a slew of small and personal crime movies, ala CopLand, The Yards, and other memorable pictures released in the mid to late 1990s.

    Times change and become the same. And once more, everything appears new.


  21. Is it just me or did everyone hate Zombie’s remake of Halloween 2? I admit Zombie’s first attempt was much better – a far better flick. But with all the garbage companies release nowadays I liked number two.

    This is not Schindler’s List here….We’re talking horror movies.

    The only thing that matters is whether you had a great time at the movies. That’s the difference between films and movies. Movies are fun. Yes, there is a certain quality no doubt, but the question that must be answered at a movie is, “Did you have a great time? Was it fun?”

    Halloween 2 did that for me. I was pretty Jazzed watching it.

    of course I may be wrong. It happens a lot.

    Night, Scream fiends.

  22. I actually like the Scary Movie Franchise and as most series go the first is the best and they get worse as more films come out. But I actually like SM3 better than 2, I don’t know but 4 is the worst, and I hope they keep it PG 13 so I can see it in theatres. I am so excited for scream 4 I dont know what to do!

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