Scream 4 Script Slammed, But Is It For Real?

It seems Graham leaving has opened up the gates for some particularly pointed sniper shots at the Scream 4 production, like the following article.

What is going on with “Scream 4″? These cast changes are making us dizzy. Though Lauren Graham confirmed her role in the highly anticipated slasher flick just 10 days ago, she’s no longer involved with the production.

Sources close to the production tell Zap2it exclusively that there have been some very significant script changes… and the changes aren’t all good. In Kevin Williamson’s original script, Graham’s role was “a fun role. Not big, but it had some meaty scenes.” Shooting began this week, and in the latest draft, “the part was reduced. She had like four lines.”

Another source says, “The script changes have put a real strain on the cast. The original ‘Scream’ cast members aren’t happy with the way that things are happening, so it’s probably a good thing that [Graham] dropped out before things get messy.”

Our source says that the script changes haven’t ended. Another draft is on the way, and the cast and crew is four days into shooting. Graham isn’t the only victim of the revolving door – Lake Bell was also cast in the flick before she had to drop out.

Link: Zap2It

We’re going to call this one out as iffy. Since Scream 4 was greenlit, any leaked info has been passed along quietly to journo’s, but here not one but two “close to production” people are not only willing to dish about on-set troubles, but allow to be quoted? And when will Kevin deliver this mythical draft when he has just touched down in Atlanta to throw himself into Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries?

It just sets off warning sirens on a number of levels.

Besides, even if true, the reality of the matter are that even if cast are unhappy at changes, it is no indication of quality. The prime matter is that the architect of the film, Wes Craven, should be happy with the film he’s making. It is the job of the professional actor to learn to roll with any changes and bring their best to the show.

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14 Responses to “ Scream 4 Script Slammed, But Is It For Real? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Your last statement is so true!

  2. I agree with Josh! I really like how you compose your articles. So so talented!!

  3. Script changes happen all the time for just about every movie. You can’t please everyone. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone on the movie is upset or planning on leaving. Good actors can work with what they are given at any moment. Again, I have heard from reliable sources that Lauren Graham is very hard to work with. She believes she’s a lot more famous than she is and talented than she really is. Hoping that Scream 4 doesn’t change too much. I’m looking forward to the new trilogy.

  4. If you got Lauren Graham in your movie though, why would you reduce her lines down to four… I agree it’s almost not worth being in it, lol she was the actress I was most excited for too… hopefully her departure isn’t true.

  5. If that’s what happened to the role, then I don’t blame Lauren for leaving, or why they would do that when they have someone like Graham in the role. However, all these “problems” seem normal. There’s problems on every set.

    But you know what?. Even if the script has problems, the movie will probably still be heaps better than we’ve been getting in the genre here lately.

  6. “has there been another god dame rewrite???how the fuck are we supposed to learn our lines when there is a script change every god dame 15 seconds”…LOL.

  7. Wes knows what he’s doing , he knows. Dont get mad Neve and Courtney and David , you guys are going to be a BOMB on Scream 4 , it’s your comeback!!!!! LOL , c_s_a78. But I pray that no other change gets made to the script that the cast doesnt like , I dont want for anyone of the cast to leave ; Not Neve , Not David , Not Courtney , Not Emma , Not Hayden , Not Marielle , Not Nico , Not Adam , Not Anthony , Not Erik , did I miss anyone? Please , leave the cast how it is , It’s awesome like it is.

  8. c_s_a78, you had me cracking up. That was a great line in Scream 3! Maybe that is what is going on with Scream 4.

  9. Kevin isn’t writing the draft, that’s the problem. Ehren Kruger is writing it. Kevin is off the project 100%.

    But nice try pretending to be in the know :)

  10. Four lines? Well, assuming she wasn’t killed…did she not hear that they want to do a 5 and 6?

    I remember a character called Cotton Weary who had NO lines in the first movie and now is a bankable character actor.

  11. There’s a good chance she only left as she didn’t know what he was getting into til it was too late? aren’t the scripts kept secret even to the actors? Imagine signing on for a film and not knowing the fate of your character.

  12. i read on the Kevin WAS indeed of the project 100% as well. BUT i forgot about the series he has on the (shitty) CW network (hate them cence they canceled Melrose and REBA), and when i first herd the news of him being off the project i thought “Oh FUCK NO” and then i read more of the article wich stated scream 5 is a “no go as of right now”, and i though “Oh HELL FUCKIN NO”. BUT then again i remembered about the series is is doing at The CW. I cam to the possible conclusion that the reason Kevin is currently off the project is not because he was fired, or pissed and left, but because he worked on Scream 4 during the hiatus of “The Vampire Diaries” and now that the TV hiatus is coming to a close he has to fulfill his duties at The CW and this was the plan all along. Only work on Scream 4 during hiatus and go back to T.V.D. at the start of the new season, leaving scream 4 in the hands of another. so when bloody disgusting reports about Scream 5 being a “no go as of right now” it was probably them hearing he was done with scream 4 as of now, and jump to the conclusion he wouldn’t come back to do scream 5 and 6 when his show would allow him (probably forgetting he even had a show AND i herd he was contracted for 4,5, and 6). Just my take on the matter. and maybe you all knew this and im behind idk..?

  13. Wow. I’m offline for one whole day and come back to this mess I’m seeing all over the internet. I love the Scream series, so much so that my entire friends and family cannot stand to watch a single one of them with me (I have this problem where I like to quote lines along with the characters). I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when I first learned about Scream 4 all those months ago. However, now I’m hearing they have Ehren K back to do rewrites and that just makes me sick to my stomach. I know it’s a RUMOR but I seriously don’t understand why they would ask him back in the first place since there were quite a few things that just didn’t work in 3. Kevin has always been and always will be the better writer of the two. I’d rather see Scream 4 put on hold for awhile (until Kev can come back and do this screenplay the way it should be) then rush headfirst into a script and a film that just won’t deliver. The first two are so strong and while there’s a lot of things I liked about three, it just wasn’t up there with the other two.

    Come on Dimension… Give Kevin a chance here. If it’s false then release a press release for crying out loud. The fans deserve to know either way… We’re the ones that have stuck beside this series through the years (and it’s been a long ride). I just wanted this one to be great, you know. I wanted to walk out of the theaters on April 15 with the feeling of being satisfied. Either way I’ll still see it as will a lot of people.

    Damn, didn’t to ramble on. Srry guys

  14. Well the irony is that now that the film is out, all the rumors turned out to be true. Sydney’s aunt was cut so much you felt nothing when she died, like she was just another BMI in a list of underdeveloped characters Scream 4 had. I feel bad cause Kevin tried to make a good script and the executive producers reduced the quality of the film. I should have lost faith when I heard Kruger was back.

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