Scream 4 Set Under Construction (UPDATE #2)

Here are a nice pair of photos from the 14th (along with details) of a set/false building front in-progress, downtown Plymouth, MI. According to the source, shooting is planned at the finished location on Monday next week.

“Monday night I passed by the Box Bar and noticed nothing unusual.  By Tuesday, there was a building front — an apparent facade — attached to it, blocking the Box’s parking lot.  It turns out the structure is part of the set for Scream 4.” says the photographer.

He goes on to say “I’ve not seen it, but I’m told there is a map of sorts that has been handed out to local business to show where the movie crews will be in the coming days.  Filming in town, I heard, will start on July 19.”

Update (Jul 16): misterkrot has just posted a photo of current progress and seems to think it’s a police station. We’ve already seen Woodsboro’s police station – could they be simulating part of the building to utilize the small side street?

Update 2: Definitely simulating the front doors of Woodsboro Police Station – here’s a comparison we thankfully didn’t have to make ourselves – cheers to commenter Steve Covington!

Production is currently carrying on with interior night shoots at the Hospital this week. Hopefully anyone close-by and clued-in will respect the boundaries. From Wes Craven: “Paparazzo beware: we had a photographer trespass last night and sent the cops after him. He has not been seen since…”

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15 Responses to “ Scream 4 Set Under Construction (UPDATE #2) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. awesome……loving all the goodies!

  2. stunt scene? =O

  3. ooooo it looks so cool, its happening! the film is happening, im soo excited! love wes’s comment at the bottom LOL

  4. What is that suppose to be? ideas anyone?

  5. It sorta looks like a Scream-version of Starbucks. Where the kids hang out. Possibly? The last pic looks like it could be.

  6. They are probably filming at that little cafe right there and just didn’t want that gaping hole behind them in the shot. It’s probably nothing…movies do this all the time.

  7. This is indeed supposed to be apart of the Woodsboro Police Station. Go watch the scene in Scream when Dewey and Sherriff Burke are in front of the police station when Tatum and Sid are shopping.

  8. Yep, it’s supposed to be Woodsboro PD. Notice the hanging lights and the wood overhang.

  9. and here… the windows and doors match perfect… I don’t think we have anything to worry about now about how authentic things will look compared to the original Woodsboro…

  10. WOW! Good eye, people! I had no idea they were actually going to recreate the station from the first movie, as I thought they were filming in different building entirely. Even though it’s filming in Michigan, it’s refreshing to see that they are paying attention to details like this! I still hope they film a couple of shots in the original locations though :)

  11. not that it’s a biggy, but I was the one who made the comparison shot, not christophereug. he posted the link to my photo. :) Glad I could help.
    steve covington

  12. Hi steve, thanks for clearing that up. As no one took credit for it I simply credited where I found it first. Consider it fixed shortly.

  13. lol.. I guess I should have been more clear and posted “look what I made..” :) I hope the guy that took the pics of the location can get some clear ones for us.

  14. The location of the original Woodsboro Police Station in Healdsburg, CA was located at 124 Matheson Street Healdsburg, CA 95448 It is now a grocery store. Google Street View shows it still looking somewhat the same, but without those hanging lights.

    Found another photo of the set on flickr, from a girl whose father is working on production. This looks to be taken yesterday before the set was dressed.

  15. Just posted by bananadoc on Twitter..

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