Scream 4: Stu’s House Revealed?

The following nightime location photos were recently taken by “John” at Grosse Point, MI. He only assumed it to be Scream-related, but some quick checking reveals Grosse Point is about a 20 minute drive from the hospital Scream 4 has been filming at this week…

And now for our comparison shot to Stu’s house in Scream

If it is Stu’s house, as with other Woodsboro locations Team Scream aren’t attempting to recreate the locations and surroundings in perfect detail to appease the nitpickers – they seem more intent on recreating the basic architecture and formations that audiences will make the mental familial connections with. People remember the eye-shaped windows from The Amityville Horror home, not where the mailbox was or if it was on a hill or not.

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33 Responses to “ Scream 4: Stu’s House Revealed? ”

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  1. This one is way too much of a stretch for me, that could never pass for Stu’s house in my mind. Especially after the perfect recreation in Scream 3. I hope this turns out to be something else entirely!

  2. NO! lol i hope they dont think that even looks close.. even if i blink i think a fan would see that isnt close.. Well to me…… i dnt feel like i have to tell my brain that his house :) (not really) like the hallowen movies… lol dnt have time for that

  3. It could be anyone’s house, just like the other house people assumed was going to be the Prescott house. We won’t find out anything until the film comes out.

  4. It’s obviously NOT going to be Stu’s old house remodeled, as the terrain is completely different. I doubt Wes would be so stupid as to try and fool us into believing that this is the house now, just with an entire neighborhood built next to it, and with different landscapes. IMO, it’s a completely new house.

  5. What is with the obsession of people assuming everything is a recreation of Scream 1?? What does Su have to do with Scream 4? This is going to be a new characters home. This is not a remake, but a seequel-reboot. Honestly if they wanted the houses from the original and it was i integral they would make them in a studio like scream 3. We have to forget about the other three movies as we are introduced to the other side of Woodsboro.

  6. I agree with Mike. The Billy and Stu story has been resolved in the first 3 films already.

  7. Who said it was Stu’s house? Give me a break

  8. Just have to say that i agree with Lance, Chris and Mike’s posts and Stu is old news for S4, someone could very well live in his house in this movie but this house looks nothing like his

  9. Will Stu house is kinda important since Kirby played by Hayden lives in his house.

  10. Who said that Kirby is going to be living in Stu’s old house?

  11. This cannot be what they are calling “Stu’s” House, looks nothing like it. Maybe it’s Dewey’s and Gale’s but wasn’t there a house floating around on here in a video that looked like Stu’s but was blue?

  12. stus house -.- oh dear… NEVER!

  13. I think the movie being filmed above is Real Steel. They were filming Real Steel not that long ago in Grosse Point. That would make sense

  14. maybe they tore it down and rebuild it. i mean after the horrors that was committed in stu’s house in scream 1, who the hell would want to live there in the same structure.

  15. I agree, it’s too much of a stretch.
    I could get on board with sid’s new house because that doesn’t look too far removed,
    but this is NOTHING like stu’s old house, hopefully they show it from an obscure angle and recreate the interiors from scratch.

  16. Stu’s house? I don’t get it. I know it’s a new movie trilogy and I do understand that you can’t always recreate things perfectly, but why Stu’s house? Are we getting some kind of flashbacks with the original cast members back? Which is what I am dying for.

  17. We don’t know that is Stu’s old house. And I don’t think they are stupid enough to think they look alike. If so then maybe the story line is that it was remodeled.

  18. That WONT be stu’s house… number 1. they’re not stupid enough to pretend its his house, coz it looks NOTHING like it. Number 2. There’s no need for it (Unless its a flash back scene, but then they will just put a clip from the 1st film in there). And number 3. It just wont lol It can’t

  19. PLUS his house was in the middle of nowhere not in a crowded street. and again, it cannot pass as his house lol no way

  20. AND lol its too small look at it!!! Unless you all think the next house is part of it lol coz its not its next door :)

  21. Don’t know if it is Scream related, but if it is, it’s more logical that it’s a house for a different character. No reason to think this is Stu’s house. Why would it be?. Why would Stu’s house need to be in the movie?. And, if it is, then it’s just too opposite of the original house. Laughable.

  22. I think it would be completely stupid to use either of the houses as stu’s or sids. If there not going to duplicate them as done in the previous films they do not need to be seen at all in the movie. Scream has always been good at this sort of thing: and especially now 10 years later and trying to recreate these movies there is no need to start slacking off and get cheap now. I pay attention to these details and it takes the real feal of it away from the audience or at least me

  23. If this is the location of Stu’s house they could easily explain.That it was torn down and remodeled the film would be set. 15 years after the original Scream,and it’s public knowledge from Scream 2 and 3. That Billy and Stu were the killers,and with murders happening around the Stu house. People wouldn’t want to look at it for fear of remembering what happened.

    The perfect replica for Scream 3 was based around a fictional film.This would be centered around reality then again,this could still simply be a different house.

  24. KIRBY LIVES IN STU’S OLD HOUSE. It was mention in the sides.

  25. That was IN THE SIDES! What point would there be in having her live in Stu’s old house if they aren’t going to film in the original location? Nobody cares if it’s his house, because it looks completely different and it now has an entire neighborhood built around it. The terrain is also completely different. It just won’t work, and we’d rather she lived in a different house.

    I’m very excited for the movie, but I hope they don’t try to double these houses for the original ones, and the cop cars need to have California license plates. I saw vehicle with Cali plates, but I couldn’t tell if it was a vehicle in the movie, or someone’s car from California.

    Little details like these are important because they keep with the cotinuity of first movie, and while they might not ruin the movie, they will certainly stand out.

  26. Didn’t mean to sound like a little bi%^h in my last post :)

  27. Hasn’t it been published that anything in the sides isn’t in the movie. They didn’t want the sides to reflect the movie, for fear of spoilers on the internet?

  28. umm hello it could possibly be stus house maybe one of the new charecter member lives their ? also it been 10 years so house CAN be remodeled

  29. Its probably JILL’s house, or maybe the set for the OPENING KILL

  30. Ya this is hios house, which now belongs to kirbie’s family, cuz stu’s family moved to OHio

  31. Completely unrelated house. Why would they go back to Stu’s house?

  32. Because Kirby lives in it dummy.

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