Video: Home Sweet Home

Those peepers of yours? Take a good look at the Northville house Scream 4 was shooting outside of on July 2nd. We know David Arquette participated in a scene there. Thanks to YouTube user scream4insider for the video.

Our best guest at the home’s “identity” would be the old Prescott house. Bare in mind any structural changes due to different filming location can be logically masked by the developmental realities of 15 years having passed since we last saw Woodsboro.

Left: Scream 4 house – Right: Scream (1996)

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29 Responses to “ Video: Home Sweet Home ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. this news is sooo old

  2. the original house looks better. bigger.

  3. It can’t be masked, as the terrain is drastically different, and will be obvious to us. The look of the house is great, and has that California style to it, but I hope it isn’t supposed to be Sidney’s old house. Such a shame the producers are so cheap that they are making them film in a different location.

  4. Isnt Woodsboro supposed to be in Calofornia anyway? It still puzzles me why they are filming in Michigan. Woodsboro is in California.

  5. Yeah, Woodsboro, fictional town in California. Why are they filming in Michigan? They should film at the same places they filmed the first movie at.

  6. They are filming in Michigan because of the tax incentives.

  7. I think they should of had the new hosue on a hill just like Sidney’s was in the first film. If this is Sidney’s old house.

  8. The new house looks good, but it’s obviously not Sidney’s house. I mean, cosmetics on the house aside, you can’t change the look of the area. I wished they were filming in the same town. Still, the pictures I’ve seen of the new location have been pretty. I still would of liked the original Woodsboro, but oh well.

  9. This is Sidney’s house in the video. But this isn’t supposed to be the house in the first Scream anyway. That comparison shot is STU’s house in the first movie. Bad mistake on your parts, seeing how hardcore you guys are about the series lol.

  10. eyecandi – That is NOT Stu’s house! Stu’s house was a green colour.

  11. Also, I don’t think they’re that stupid to have that a Sid’s house. Waaay different, a lot smaller. Probably Jill’s or Kirby’s.

  12. eyecandi – HERE is a picture of Stu’s house ;)

  13. maybe with a touch of CHI it can work as Sid’s house

  14. i meant cgi

  15. i think the scouts did a great job finding a house in a completely different state, look so similar. the windows, architecture, all the same. they just won’t use the same establishing shots like the memorable sunset shots of the first. with green screen, they can change the landscape drastically. you gotta remember, this is a movie. a lot can be done! the budget (i’m not sure how big it is) will have a lot allocated to effects.

  16. @ j-rocka

    i hope so. :( the original house is a legend like nany’s house of the original nightmare on elm street movie.

  17. Why are you guys such complainers? Huge SCREAM fan here, too, but you have to realize that they can’t refilm there, since they’re filming in Michigan. And just because Woodsboro is supposed to take place in California, that in NO WAY means they should film there… that’s silly. Most films aren’t filmed where they’re set, and you never know.

    Keep in mind that they may very well use stock footage for big, panorama shots of the house (if this is supposed to be Sid’s home). As for the close-ups, though, using this new house is perfectly fine. If we hadn’t of seen this big shot of the house, then we would never know… I promise you.

    Positive energy only, guys. That’s what this film needs right now!

  18. Not true! Most of the fans would instantly notice that it was a different house. Positive energy is right, but the location is important too, and we have a right to expect some continuity.

  19. 5535, I definitely agree with you about continuity. I am a HUGE fan of the show, and I don’t think there’s one tidbit of trivia that I don’t know, but it even took me a second glance to realize that it wasn’t the same house. MANY of the details are the same… And, granted, some of them are NOT. (The missing gazebo is the biggest obstacle, I believe.)

    My point, though, is that we probably won’t be shown shots to showcase big differences. And correcting the big differences to make it look it like the same house (like the gazebo, for example) can all be done from fairly simple CGI.

  20. …and by show, I meant movies. Don’t know where that came from. haha

  21. sorry but i must do it say in german, my english is too bad. :D

    also. ich verstehe nicht wieso man einfach das orginal haus nachbaut (wie es auch schon in scream 3 im studio gemacht wurde) es kann doch nicht zu teuer sein! schließlich war es dort auch möglich.
    ich hoffe einfach sehr dass dieses haus, nicht das prescott haus ist. es ist einfach viel zu klein und sieht allgmein aus wie ein 0815-california-haus. nichts besonderes…. jeder fan würde dies sofort bemerken. allgemein jeder zuschauer der auch den ersten film kennt, dafür muss man nicht einmal ein fan sein.

  22. i hope so scream 4 ist not a low budget production. :(

  23. We don’t know it’s Sid’s house. Could be anybodies. Yes, it does look similar but its a small town – probably has the same designer *laughs*

    Also, for those worrying about the script issue read this:

    A VERY interesting read!

  24. Stab Movies and Patrick–both of your posts are VERY interesting… AND EXCITING! :)

  25. oooh that book poster looks fantastic! it’s elegant and mature and heartwarming and so exciting!

  26. I don’t get why, if taxes are high, they can’t just build an exact replica (if of course it is supposed to be Sidney’s house). They managed to do it for Scream 3 on the set of Stab 3, didn’t they?

  27. If it is the Prescott house, anybody wonder if this is where the opening scene could take place, but with new owners? I think that would be an interesting place to have the opening scene.

  28. Well, its been 14 years since we saw the house, her dad probably did a couple of renivations

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