“And now with the blood…”

You know it’s a good night on the Scream 4 set when before a take someone yells, “And now with the blood,” andĀ peopleĀ arrive carrying armfuls of paper towels. The body count goes up in Woodsboro?

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13 Responses to “ “And now with the blood…” ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. that looks like the porch sid was sitting on, maybe jills mom kicked the bucket?

  2. it is the same one :D

  3. Uhh oh!
    i agree with Kenneth
    i dont see Mrs. Kesseler making it out alivee sadly

  4. I don’t think she gets it yet cause there is a picture of her holding hands with sidney and jill after a brawl with Ghostface.

  5. Where is Rory Culkin?

  6. Thats cool Johny!
    Is it real or is it fan?

  7. Thats fuckin well good… did you do that?

  8. Its actuall Olivia’s house.

  9. If Jill really is Sidney 2.0 she has to loose her mom right?
    We haven’t heard a lot about her dad, so on the other hand maybe mom (like Sidney’s dad) will survive.

  10. And now with the blood? That sounds to me like they are doing the scene again, only this time with more blood. I could be wrong. Either way, I hope if this is the case, that it doesn’t indicate a PG-13 theatrical release. I know the others were R, and that Wes has stated that this will be R as well, but you can never be sure with The Weinsteins apparently. I could see Wes filming alternate death scenes, so that we’ll get the R rated version for the DVD. I trust the Weinsteins won’t make a stupid choice like that though.

    Love that pic of the house taped up!!!

  11. They say “and now with blood” because you only get a few takes dousing your talent in blood before it begins to dry/harden. Also, since they want continuity they can’t do multiple takes and just reapply the blood. They must shoot it and hope they get it as quickly as possible (using the earlier tapes as both rehearsal and backup in case the blood shots don’t edit correctly in post)

  12. Being that Kate Kessler appears to be a minor character it would make perfect sense for her to be simply forgotten about and then emerge as the killer or at least be the link to the new killings. Sometimes the most obscure character(s) turns out to be the one….something to think about. Mary McDonnell is a well established and fine actress. She is not someone that would sign-on for a couple of lines and then get killed off.

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