And So We Enter… Endgame (Updated)

September is about to begin and Scream 4 will shoot for its third and final month. Eyewitness photos have been thin this week, as Bananadoc is on vacation (a rumor persists that it’s a front – he really slipped on a banana peel while photographing a major death scene and is now recuperating in hospital).

A firm outline of the remainder of filming, this public notice posted in Michigan was shared today by Before The Trailer:

Scream 4 will start filming on Tuesday Aug.31st and shoot through Friday Sept.24th (small chance we will end earlier).   We will film mostly at 19223 Clement Rd. and will film about 3 days at 19260 Clement Rd.  We will only film Monday through Friday – 14 hours each day (estimated 4pm to 6am)  We will not film on the Weekends.

The township will be dropping off barricades on Clement Rd. at 7 Mile and at Frederick St.  These will be Hard Closures and we will only allow film crew and the residents whose house is within the closure to enter.  We will park the trucks along the side of Clement and use the road between the closure to push carts of gear and move our 80 ft. lifts with lights.  We will ALWAYS have a Fire Lane available in the event of an emergency.  We will also put a Local Access Only Barricade on Clement at Main St.
A few words on Shenae Grimes and Lucy Hale. Almost as quickly as both were confirmed to be in Scream 4 via their own Twitter accounts, both were back in LA. Comments from Grimes on the day of the girls shoot such as “banging out” her cameo indicate, in retrospect, that the single night’s shoot was all that Grimes and Hale were needed for. If so, that would lend further credence to the two being part of a briefly shown Stab scene a la Luke Wilson and Tori Spelling in Scream 2.
Updated – Lucy Hale confirmed her stint was a short one by tweeting to Wes Craven “I had THE best time working with you! have a great rest of your shoot”
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25 Responses to “ And So We Enter… Endgame (Updated) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So neither Grimes & Hale or Bell & Paquin are the opening kill???

  2. So if none of those four actresses are the opening victims I’m thinking are we even having an opening death scene, remember (New Decade. New Rules). So who knows.

  3. 24 days is a long time to shoot at this house — this must be the ending scene…not the beginning scene. I mean — would it really take a majority of 24 days to film an 8 to 10 minute opening? I suppose it could…but not likely…

  4. yes there will be an opening, but come on, they could be sending out this info so no one knows, plus before the trailer isn’t allways reliable

  5. They were 2 nights at the house I think. The first night it was mostly inside. The second there was some Ghost Face action on the porch with the actual takes filmed behind screens to protect the details.

  6. Also, you are a funny guy. I’d hoped there would be lots of wannabe Bananadocs waiting in the wings to take over on my week off.. where are they?

  7. So, this means Gale probably got knocked off. If Courteney’s done filming, then how can she be in the ending scenes (ala Stu’s house, the Winsor college theater, Milton’s house), which they are obviously shooting now.

  8. Well off topic while we are waiting for more news and trailer, I really hope they have a big Casey Becker reference. I think that scene itself is the greatest in horror movie history. It still gives me the creeps, but I’m sure however Kev and Wes decide to do it it’s gonna be great.

  9. Besides the dummy. Heh Heh

  10. No Ryan, she might, but it isnt obvious, they dont shoot in order,

  11. im part of scream 4 cast and yes we do have an opening scene. i cant say much but this is gonna be a one hell of a movie :).

  12. ^Because that’s believable.

  13. anyonomus your going to have to explain alot when there isn’t an opening scene, lol, there will be though.

  14. Wait guys..I think I may be on to something. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they gave you two epic ‘opening’ type scenes.

    Think…Final Destination 3. They always have their opening premonitions in those movies, yet in part 3, they upped the ante and gave us the awesome train incident in the ending as well.

    What if Scream 4 had an infamous cameo kill at the beginning AND the end! :o

  15. ^^^OMG!!! That would be a f*ckin brilliant idea JasonMcG :)

  16. where is patrick dempsey? could he be a surprise appearance during the climax?

    i’ve got a feeling one killer will be revealed, but another will get away, continuing the sequel.

    i know nothing, but i think marley shelton would play a great killer. in planet terror she looked like goldie hawn in death becomes her. psycho, freaky, and HOT!
    she was an old college friend of Sidney, in the police department with a crush on dewey, her character is quite significant and she keeps slipping under the radar of news and updates and photos.


  17. The reason why Courtney was done so early is because of Cougar Town. Im sure they shot all of her scenes first so she could take off. MOVIES DO NOT FILM IN ORDER!! On another note im thinking Anna and Kristen may be after all the opening kills! HOPE SO!!!

  18. Yeah! I guess marley shelton is the killer too!

  19. Wasn’t it mentioned before that Gale and Dewey would have a child in this film and if such wouldn’t Sheriff Dewey make Gale leave town after possibly having a close call with the Killer(s)…personally this sounds like the best route as Gale can have screen time and get caught up in the mystery while still staying alive and finish early to get back to CougarTown…just a thought.

  20. Ah, yes. Dewey could send Gale off somewhere…

    And then she’ll pop up in the last reel somewhere- eyes gouged out, fingers cut off and teeth knocked out. >_<

  21. LOL JavonMcG! Loves it!!

  22. So many predictions! cant wait!! What if were all wrong?? lol

  23. i am part of scream 4 cast and gale is one of the survivors. she had to leave cuz she has personal thing to do. but shes coming back next week to finish the movie. so right now they are only doing the scenes shes not in. and all i can say is that we have 2 killers….AGAIN!

  24. @anonymous – First, your grammar isn’t good. Second, “personal reason” is she’s filming Cougar Town. Many people know and its not a personal reason.

  25. i do hope gale survives, and i believe she will. i know they’re introducing new cast members to follow the story from, but it won’t be enough to see a scream 5 without gale, dewdrop and sid.
    they’ll live. the only one i believe who would die is Sid.
    what i think, she will sacrifice her life for her cousin Jill in the climax. this forces jill to then chase/investigate the killer in scream 5, as the killer won’t be revealed in scream 4.
    so dewey helping jill just like he protected sid all those years ago.
    someone may be framed?
    1 killer turns good and turns on the other killer?
    someone we know like dewey will know who the killer is however, cannot say as the life of his wife and kid have been threatened.

    just some wild new ideas, given that it’s a new decade.

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