Bizarro Ghostface Art In Scream 4?

David Arquette posted the following photos… now, both are from real artists (by Dan Harding and Christine Benjamin) but we could not locate them in their respective online galleries so the question is, were they commissioned for use in Scream 4?

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12 Responses to “ Bizarro Ghostface Art In Scream 4? ”

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  1. i like these

  2. These are placed around the barn in the party scene…you can see one nailed to the wall in one of the behind the scenes photos..

  3. Clever boy steven, 10 outta 10, haha!

  4. Those are so cool. I love both of them. Imagine that hanging over your fireplace!

  5. its kinda funny how the mask is based on a painting in the first place

  6. I LOVED!!! GREAT! =)

  7. it’s really sick how the town “celebrates” the killings, something tells me somebody’s had enough…..

  8. I want the first one! If it becomes available let us know!

  9. I curated Scream 4’s Art, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Roughly there are 20 artists that made art specifically for the film. All the artists can either be found at or

  10. Additional: We have a gag order not to publish anything til after the film. But believe me all of it’s great!

  11. heeheheeheheeeheheheheeeee # 1 is better when you see it in person

  12. You can pre-purchase art from the film here:

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