“Don’t open the door…”

Unless it’s for Sheriff Dewey.  I didn’t see who opened the door.

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3 Responses to “ “Don’t open the door…” ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. oooooo very very cool!!! I am SOOO EXCITED!!! can not wait to see this movie!!!

  2. reminds me of scream1 at the end were dewey was stabed in back.

    “we all go a little mad sometimes….anthony perkins psycho”

  3. if anyone has seen the trailer or movie *spoilers* when robbie gets stabbed at the doorway, ghostface opens the door and must have leaved it open when he kills robbie, it is also a throwback to the original when dewey is stabbed in the doorway or when robbie warns sid, kirby, and jill to run after they let him in at the doorway and he dies and falls to the ground dead and ghostface runs up to the girls from behind him, he kicks open the door and it could’ve been left open there too. that scene is also a throwback to in scream when billy and sid let randy in and he says that stu is the killer and billy shoots him. almost all of the scenes in the movie were the original but in a new disguised way.

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