Exclusive Photo: A Glimpse Of Ghostface

Here we have an exclusive photo from recent Scream 4 location filming, featuring Mary McDonnell and black-enshrouded friend at the doorway… (Sorry for the watermark, but these days, you gotta have a watermark) Could Mrs Kessler be on the chopping block? If she’s not a suspect, she’s a target, right?

We have seen some other shots from this particular night of filming, featuring Ghostface sans mask and hood. No, we cannot share them at this time – there’s a mystique to Ghostface and we would probably be killed if we coughed up those shots – not even a classy kill, but a cheap one like Scream 3‘s Tyson Fox.

But we will say this. Although it may not be apparent in the photo above (due to Ghostface’s head being tilted), it was certainly apparent in our other shots, and to bystanders, how tall the Ghostface stuntman was. Having checked his mug and noggin we would say the man under the costume bears a passing resemblance to Dane Farwell.

Whether or not it is Farwell under the hood will likely not be revealed anytime soon – if at all. Although never publicized due to the aforementioned mystique, Farwell was the 6′ 1″ stuntman that primarily brought Ghostface to life in Scream and Scream 2 with an imposing stature. Many feel Ghostface was never quite the same in Scream 3 – Farwell sat that sequel out.

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4 Responses to “ Exclusive Photo: A Glimpse Of Ghostface ”

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  1. Son of a bitch. I never quite knew who played Ghostface under the mask. Who is this guy? I never saw his credit in Scream or Scream 2.

  2. Nice picture–thanks for sharing! And nice commentary re. the identity of Ghost Face. Most people wouldn’t even think of that…

  3. Well if Jill is Sidney 2.0 she would have to loose her mom right?

  4. I think its slim shady

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