Mine Eyes! Scream 4 Storyboards (Possible Spoilers)

This was dug up by leading comic newsite Bleeding Cool, what they claim to be a whole bunch of very rough storyboards from Scream 4. As always, suspect everything. But supposing it’s legit…

Holy moly cow. This is the equivalent of the blast door map from season 2 of Lost – images that dare to reveal everything and nothing at the same time.

After much squinting, the best we could yield was a throat slashing sequence seemingly part of Stab 6 (bottom left).

So we pass the baton to you, dear readers, to try and decipher any of the text or scenes. We’ve even made it easier for you by sharpening up what was a very blurry photo. Post your findings below!

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14 Responses to “ Mine Eyes! Scream 4 Storyboards (Possible Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I swear on the second row on the top right I see a girl sliding down a wall dead.


  3. i think thats meant to be ghostface..

  4. 3rd row down, second column looks like it reads “Question: Why Sid doesn’t see the killing of the police man if she is at the patio?” and below that “Sidney, she’s not home”. Could be wrong about that though.

  5. This looks like a loose sketch before the real storyboard is tightened up for the director to shoot from. And it’s well intended too because they wouldn’t want a clearer, more cleaner final version to leak out and risk ruining key scenes.

  6. If these are real, they’re very crappy. I wouldn’t be able to work with them if I were Wes Craven.

  7. Those. Are. Horrible. Artistically, that is. Whoever did that didn’t take 8th grade art class… I agree with Jerry above. If I were Craven, hell no would I want to work with those.

  8. Lol they are quite adorable drawings for a slasher

  9. what’s weird is a scene 3rd row down, middle, with three characters with the letters “r” “k” and “c” … at first i thought it was “roberts”, mrs kessler and “campbell”, just like that recent shot that was released on nico-tortorella… but i guess the “k” doesn’t make much sense. knudsen?

  10. I think K-R-C is Kirby, Robbie, Charlie…

    I read something that says, “Jill, where are you?”

    and below that, “Sidney, she’s not here (or home)”

    Everything else is a blur.

  11. Oh and below that, Friday 6th… and below 5pm. Where did they film on Friday, Aug. 6th?

  12. Part of this Says Sidneys not home

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