Neve Campbell Dines With Matthew Lillard

Ann reports Lillard is in MI to shoot Scream 4. Say, what?

Patrons of eve the restaurant on Thursday evening may have noticed a couple of famous faces in the corner of the room.

Actors Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard, in town to film “Scream 4,” shared a quiet dinner together, said Ann Arbor resident Lori Milliman, who was also there that evening.

“We tried to take pics, but she covered her face two times, and then we decided to leave her alone for the rest of the evening,” Milliman wrote in an email. “As she was leaving the restaurant, my friend caught her attention and we asked if we could snap a picture. She obliged. I honestly think she was surprised we didn’t jump up and get in it with her!”

Lillard has already recently said he won’t be back for Scream 4, so it was most likely a case of him being in the area (happens all the time in the entertainment biz) and catching up with an old friend.

Though we wouldn’t be adverse to another Scream 2 style cameo from Mr. Lillard. So long as there’s no bleached-blonde hair involved, of course.

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10 Responses to “ Neve Campbell Dines With Matthew Lillard ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. He is maybe there to film a flashback?!? She looks pretty!

  2. They were dating when Scream 2 was filming.

  3. That’s nice of her. I’ve heard stories of Neve being rude to her fans and other people…

  4. Finally without the pink dress hahaha ;)

  5. I was sure i was right that she dies at the beginning but i think i’m wrong.

  6. they could use him as a ghost kinda thing like sid sees him and billy and maybe roman like u know how shes lost her mind and it can be after the first death ya know

  7. Neve is like fine wine: she gets better with age. I never saw an attraction for her in Scream 1 and 2 she was average to me. Scream 3 I caught on a little,but now with Scream 4 she looks amazing.Whoever she’s with is one lucky man wished I were in his shoes.

  8. He’s there filming another movie, so sadly I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high for him to have any involvement with Scream 4.

  9. I think that Matthew Lillard is an amazing actor and clear believe that stew was indeed the best scream killer. As much as I would love to see stu brought back in a flashback or whatever, it just doesnt seem possible. Lilard as aged quite a bit and I just cant imagine him still playing a high schooler….
    Anyway, didn’t they do something like this during scream 2 trying to throw people off?

  10. It would be really cool for him to come back but I find it a bit unrealistic. I can’t see him pulling off being a teen anymore, unless they pull a \he never died\ or \he has a twin brother looking out for revenge\ which would seem really lame IMO…

    I liked Stu a lot, but I just don’t really want him back. But it’s nice to still see Neve, I hope she has a big part in this film! :D

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