Neve Campbell Talks To LA Times

Neve Campbell attended a charity poker game and had this to say on Scream 4

“I basically can tell you nothing,” she said. No kidding. The Wes Craven slasher franchise has notoriously been tight-lipped, but Campbell was all smiles about reuniting with costars Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

“It’s great working with Courteney and David again; it’s like summer camp. The biggest change is this younger cast we have, and they’re great,” she said of new additions such as Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere.

Her character, Sidney Prescott, who survived the first three films, “has written a book about surviving the tragedy in her life. That’s where the film opens.”

Full Article: LA Times

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29 Responses to “ Neve Campbell Talks To LA Times ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. uh o was the last sentence a possible spoiler?

  2. i hope they dont kill her in the opening sequence

  3. Ok so maybe the film Opens with Sidney returning to Woodsboro to promote her book, she is killed in the opening sequence. Emma Roberts character and her fam come to woodsboro for sids funeral, Sids Killer finds out that Emma is Sids cousin and goes after her and her friends?

  4. Yeah, I think she basically just revealed EVERYTHING. That would explain why of all the pictures we have seen of her, she is wearing the SAME outfit.

  5. I don’t know she could get killed at her book launch, they showed her walking into a bookstore with her assistant. Except Emma Roberts wouldn’t come into town for the funeral, she lives in Woodsboro because she goes to school with Hayden. They could kill off Sydney, causing Gale and Duey to investigate, basically avenging her death.

  6. Gosh you guys are so slow and repetiitve, she doesnt get killed in the opening scene she gets it halfway through the movie!

  7. I don’t think that was a complete spoiler. Basically, I take her comment to mean that her character is returning to Woodsboro to promote her book at the opening of the film. I’m thinking the set-up might be similar to S3, where Sid’s character had a few short but key scenes in the first half of the film before playing a more substantial part. I don’t think it looks good for Sid, though. The only way I can see her surviving is if the story really isn’t about her anymore…

  8. I don’t think she will die in the opening sequence. I think she will be more like Jenny Mccarthy in 3 or Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2 and die about 25 minutes into it. Has anyone heard that Danielle Harris is the opening victim? I heard on twitter she was and her name was MARNIE CARPENTER??? I hope so but not sure if I believe it.

  9. Well Marnie Carpenter is the name of one of the characters in the opening scene… Sid’s around through at least the second act.

  10. I think “that’s how the film opens” means after the opening kill.

    @Frazer Brown Not everyone has seen or read spoilers or sides of the script. Not everyone knows or wants to know. Has nothing to do with being “slow”.

  11. Sidney.Better.Not.Fucking.Die.

  12. I always like to read peoples comments and stuff for the articles, but honestly im done doing it. There are some poeple who may or may not have read sides or parts of a script that they believe to be the actual script, then these people post the spoilers (possible false spoilers but still, if you have read nothing about the movie thees false spoilers seem true to you.)and every one with the “sid will die in the opening” “no i know for a fact she will die half way through”, “uhh she at least going to live till the end, then die like Nancey” or some shit like that. i know this is a place to have fun and speculate but a lot of it just seems like Bull to me. and no one really knows anything about the film. and when people claim to know (not saying anyone has claimed to know, just the way some people state things, it gives off the impression that they indeed Do know). it has just really been getting to me lately. We now have 252 Days. 10 hours. and 40 something mins. til we fined out the fate of sid. SO LETS STOP BEING SO REPETITIVE. there is a hole form about sid’s possible death on the form page. GO THERE! p.s. i just read my message and it sounds really not nice and i am real sorry. im generally a really nice person. Its just a wired thing with me. if i really like a film, BUT then go read some ones movie review about sead film, and the review is bad, I start to believe what the reviewer is saying and not like the film. that hapinde to me last night while reading the “Sids possible death” forum. I was so agenst sid dying, BUT when i read that every one else wanted her to die or didn’t care AND i started not to care if she died. THEN i read a post about someone not wanting her to die, and in turn i didn’t want her to die anymore. WHAT IS THAT? IM SO ANNOYING HUH? so thats the reasons these posts really annoy me cause i actually believe most of it. Sorry once more.

  13. Maybe she will get a \call\ at the bookstore. I think the opening scene will be in woodsbro and it involve a highschool peer or something. Maybe dewey or gale will call her to tell her its starting again.

  14. All slashers eventually have the main character die, Halloween Friday the 13th Nightmare On Elm Street, The Scream movies are trying to be different and killing Sid would just put this fourth movie back into the lame cliche’s.

  15. There is absolutely no way Neve would let a spoiler that big get out. When she says that’s how the film opens, she means for her character specifically and that the film will come to frution through that plotline.

    For example: in Scream 3, she’s in hiding and trying to help other people deal with their own emotional turmoil. So Neve might have said, “Sid is basically trapped in a former shell of herself and cuts any sort of direct physical communication out of her life. She can’t scratch off this hunch of another killer possibly being out there. As a form of self-therapy, she assists other people dealing with their own personal issues by using an alias and offering counseling over the phone. That’s where the film opens.” Obviously, Neve really didn’t say this, but it’s an example. She wouldn’t say, “Cotton and his girlfriend are murdered and THEN the film opens with my character going through such and such.”



  17. I don’t think Sidney will bite the dust in this one. That is one of the biggest stipulations about Neve returning is to see her character killed off. And like one poster said, it is a cliche’ to horror to have a main character killed off to pave way to the newbie heroes or heroines. The Scream series is original to that stigma in horror, had it been not then Sidney and the gang would’ve died in the original trilogy. So I honestly believe Sidney will live in Scream 4, but just won’t be the main focal point for Scream 5 and Scream 6. So it still satisfies fans of the character and of the new trilogy.

  18. ok who of you actually thinks neve would give that much of a spoiler out wen wes & the whole crew would come down on her like mad, not to mention legal contracts about giving anything away and im with some of the other posts, doubt she will be the opening kill and i dont want her to die at all

  19. I’m believe Neve got her wish from Kevin & Wes, what occurs in Scream 4 causes Sidney to be sent to the loony bin
    making it easier if she doesn’t want to appear in 5 & 6.

  20. I don’t think she’s going to bite the dust either. I think she’ll be coming to Woodsboro to promote this book, the new Ghostface will know this and instigate the murder that commences the film(possibly similar/paying homage to that of Casey and Steve’s?) to mess with her head and kickstart Sid’s involvement in the film.

  21. The whole town is obsessed with Ghostface. Sidney picked the wrong time and month to promote her books. Haha! I bet that pesky assistant of her timed it so that it falls right on October. There’s just something unsettling about seeing Ghostface images everywhere in Woodsboro. Are we going to have vintage Wes Craven at work at? Hope so because I’m already have goosebumps. Sidney’s not going to die in the opening scene. There’s just too many damn COPS hanging around and besides, Dewey was checking the trunk of a suspicious car and got spooked out by it. I’m betting he finds a mask and a bloody knife or something that was used to killed the opening scene victims. The book signing scene is probably the scene that follows the opening scene.

  22. I really don’t see Sidney being sent to the looney bin, should she survive. After all, this is supposed to be her emergence as a fully self-empowered woman who has come to terms with her past. I don’t think that Neve will appear in future films, so the only circumstance under which I see her having a happy ending is if they can find a way to forward the story, and the killer’s motive, in a manner that has absolutely nothing to do with her character. (For instance, if the killer had a shot at her and passed it up, that would be symbolic.) But seeing as Emma Roberts will portray her cousin, I don’t see that separation happening…

  23. I think it is funny that because she mentions that she is invovled in the opening of the film that means Neve is going to die. Granted, the trakc record of the series would lend to that theory, this is a new trilogy …. and a new set of rules. ;)

  24. Dunno. It doesn’t look good for Sidney Prescott. I do trust the filmmakers on this as stupid as that sounds. I believe Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson desired to do this new series because Mr Williamson had a story worth telling. Neve Campbell seems like she has always been uncomfortable returning to Woodsboro – always seemed like she would rather be doing something else and quite suprised by fame and fortune that Scream brought her way. However – being that this is probably true, or at best informed speculation; I would assume Neve would only say yes to Scre4m if there was a good story to tell. We gotta trust the scribe and the director on this one, folks.

  25. Williamson had already been asked about this millions of times and even said on his Twitter and in multiple interviews that he wasnt just going to bring her back, to kill her off…thats a bitch slap to her character. I think she either needs to be written out or sent to a mental hospital, because being killed defeats the whole purpose of her character in the first three films.

    Why would she fight, if she is going to die anyway?

  26. If she dies saving somebody else (like her cousin), it is not in vain. Also, when Kevin Williamson made the comment about not playing Sidney out like that, it was in reference to the speculation that she would be the opening kill. I don’t believe for a second that she would be the opening victim, but I have no doubt that she could die in this movie, and in a way that still validates her character. (The problem with simply writing somebody out of a series is that they can always be written back in.) Also, I think sending Sidney off to the mental hospital would be a worse fate. Having her go crazy would completely destroy her character’s progression. And it would not provide closure…

    I love Sid, but if I had to choose between her dying a dignified and heroic death or simply going mad and living out her days in a psych ward, I’d choose the former…

  27. I personally think that the book signing will be the climax and the barn party the opening.

  28. i am very happy that she is back

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