New Neve Campbell Photo

Here’s a fan-snapped photo of the radiant Neve Campbell. Hopefully Sidney Prescott will smile in Scream 4 – she can be such a downer, you know? Props to Bananadoc.

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21 Responses to “ New Neve Campbell Photo ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. beautiful :) and Sydney is not Death if
    they dead would why is they as still at the set?

  2. She looks just as radient as she did fourteen years ago! So glad she is back, as this project would have lacked its spark without her. Scottish blood in her too, go on lass!!!!XXX

  3. Latest rumour i’ve heard is that Neve finally got her wish.
    Sidney won’t die, she gets carted off to the loony bin.

  4. she wont go to a loony bin she probaly die right at the end of scream 6 if it gets made

  5. I hope Sidney lasts until Scream 6…..although this would be extremely unlikely. Last two trilogies? I hope she doesn’t, but I think that it is more realistic if she does.

  6. Beautiful!

    No, I don’t think Sidney will live after Scream 4.

  7. Is it just me or is this the only outfit I’ve seen neve in? I’ve seen different pics of the other cast members in different outfits… I hope she’s not in just one scene..

  8. its the only outfit iv seen her in, excluding the blue dress that looks exactly like this pink one. the pic of her in the blu dress with Nancey O’Del seems to have been taken in the make up department on the set of scream 4, before filming began. WITCH leads me to believe that they serve as the same dress they just changed the color before filming actually began. Thats just my theory. She BETTER be in more than 1 scene. i bet she will. they wouldn’t bring her back for 1 scene alone.

  9. aww, bad lighting but will ALWAYS love Neve

  10. cutiiiiiiiiii we love you neve

  11. She’s probably doing interior scenes in a studio or something. That could be her only outdoor shoot. And there’s still two more months of filming so I do think we’ll see more of Neve. And I think she will pull a Jamie Lee Curtis and be thrown into a loony bin. We have to remember this is a satire before anything else so they have to include horror cliches so dying in this reboot could be possible for her.

  12. She always looks great. She’s a fellow Dutchy as well as sephardic Jew. Loves her!

  13. I hope she will stick around for Scream 5 & Scream 6. She always added to the SCREAM series. Other horror franchises killed off or ignored the leading ladies of their respective series, whereas Scream always kept Sidney Prescott front and center. This added to the picture, imo.

    Welcome back, Sid. It’s a Scream!

  14. Any one know how long principal photography on Scre4m is?

    Neve was great in the Scream movies. I always believed her peformance and unlike countless horror movies before – where the writing, dialogue, and acting often wafted a certain “cheap aroma”, The Scream movies sludged up high ground, culminating in not only a memorable cast of characters and universe but one with some damn fine quality to boot. You never felt these movies were cheap or that these actors were hamming it until they could get serious parts; hiding behind a grudge because they couldn’t wait to say they never really did a movie like Scream. The performers are proud of Scream because their actually – wait now, yep-! Good movies!

    I give a lot of credit to Kevin Williamson for this. Writting is tough. Writing is hard on the ass and harder on the brain. And genre horror flicks can be downright awful. Horror films often relay on the banal and the cheap, but Williamson wrote a script that had the kind of quality you see in really well crafted indie crime movies. Real, sincere – human.

    Williamson was fortunate to be embraced by the kind of people who wanted to combine his writing with actor’s who could really act, a director who could really direct, combined with a scope which illumined this story rather then embarress it.

    Sometimes Hollywood gets things right. When they do, it’s glorious.

    Night, Scream fiends.

  15. She looks just like she did in the first film…gorgeous! :D

  16. Awww she’s definitely aging but still looks good. <3

  17. She looks much better now. On Medium, I thought she was a bit too skinny.

  18. Neve is so beautiful in this pic I LOVE HER!!! and honestly I think there gonna kill her in Scream 4 because of the simple fact that she didnt really want to come back for the whole thing again Lol but omg I pray they dont kill her off because if they do I completely will give up on the scream franchise. p.s if hayden dies 2 I will be Extremely pissed as well

  19. If you look at the picture you can see that they actually made her look older….. hinting that she is not the young invincible Sidney Prescott that she once was… maybe more vulnerable

  20. She wont die even though there is a chance she will, Scream has allways been about breaking the rules, people dont go investigate a sound, stuff like that, main carachters die in series all the time. Nightmare on elm street. Halloween, Friday the 13th, and those are the most popular series that arent like scream, so she will live on! PLEASE

  21. i hope they dont kill sidney or kirbey…i read in other posts some quite good ideas about jill being the opening death(a la drew barrymore) and kirby becoming the main star…loves it

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