Photo: Sidney’s Shame Face

It may be Sidney during a scene. It may be Neve between a scene. But you can bank money on the Prescott lass showing her ‘shame face’ in Scream 4 when the shit hits the fan – last seen in Scream 3 when Cotton was reported dead and in Scream 2 when Derek was being patched up at the hospital.

Although it all started with Maureen, Sidney is the living legacy of the woman, a proxy for her sins – and as such, Sidney feels responsible every time the killings start up again. Though something tells me this time around, the killer’s motives have nothing to do with her. New decade, new excuses.

You can find a larger version and a photoset from the recent Night of the Very Hurt People over at Just Jared.

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26 Responses to “ Photo: Sidney’s Shame Face ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I still think it was jill’s mom, possiblly gale??? even though I dont believe she will die.

  2. I think they will kill of gale, but definatly not sidney.

  3. did you’s ever think that maybe the killer is going to redo what they did to sidneys mother maureen? like theyre going to kill jills mother and react the whole sequence to show sidney that its not over which will leave not only sidney as a victim but jill as a victim as well? which will also connect them both to each other and give them something to relate to other than cousins ? =p

  4. The house they are coming out of is Olivia’s. Find past pictures of her scenes.

  5. I can just imagine “Sidney’s Lament” score in that scene.

  6. I’m still saying Gale dies (but is not the opening kill) & Sidney will get sent to the nut house.

  7. “Though something tells me this time around, the killer’s motives have nothing to do with her. New decade, new excuses”

    Wes Craven already wrote on his twitter that Ghostface wasn’t done with Sidney and this whole thing still very much involved her.

  8. Neve is so yummy!!!!

  9. this movie can’t come out soon enough!!!…dunno if gale will bite it but i do have a feeling aleast one of the trio will not make it….sucks but there has to be a major shock factor…

  10. I have a strong feeling that everyone of the original characters are going to die. New decade, new rules. When doing a reboot you always kill the past survivors. This is the start of a new trilogy.

  11. still say cause thats what happens all the time with these films that leaving Sid to survive will be the surprise cause everyone is betting she will die, LET HER LIVE hehe, also agree with John that i can totally seee her theme being played there too!

  12. I haven’t been keeping up with the news lately but last I checked the house death involved the Olivia character but I’m sure people have died before her which is why I don’t get Sid’s shame face unless this is the first murder that she herself knows about.

    It will be really messed up if Sidney turns out to be the killer in this one but I agree with the person who says she’ll get sent to the nut house.

  13. OMFG! I can’t wait for this movie to finally be out. I agree w/everyone. New decade, new excuses, new rules. Here’s hoping even though there are new characters, the movie takes a turn within itself and isn’t exactly like the original. Neve looks great! I’m so glad she decided to come back to do Scream 4 as well as David & Courteney. I wonder who will die in the opening scene?!

  14. I don’t anyone of the trio will die but if one does end up taking a dirt nap then it should be dewey. He’s not very good at “surviving” as he always gets attacked really bad by the killer bar S3 so sooner or later he’s not gonna be so lucky just my thought. I think the photo is during a scene and I think Sidney being taken in as she’ll probably be a suspect but I don’t think she dies, ends up in a mental institution or is the killer. I think the biggest will be her surviving as everyone thinks otherwise

  15. Since dude said Wes craven said that ghostface is not threw with Sid n she very much involve in the whole thing again I say that 1 of the new characters is related to the past killers of scream and coming back for revenge since they couldn’t due to them being little back then so 10yrs later will be the perfect time for revenge for the death of 1 of the previous killers mayb somebody want to kill Sid for killin her brother in scream 3 probably a distant relative we don’t kno about…

  16. @ Kerbz I don’t think it would be a relative of one of the killers, since that’s what happened with Billy loomis’s mothin in scream 2. I doubt Wes would do that again. I also doubt Sidney will die. Everyone is saying they think it will be sid or gale, but I think if any one of the Trio dies, it will be Dewey, since he’s gotten pretty jacked up and almost died in the 1st trilogy. That would really shock the hell out of everyone.And I liked the earlier theory that the murder of jill’s mom would bring her and Sid together, and that would be a great way for them all to realize it’s not over yet, and for Jill and Sid to relate.

  17. @mello It feels nice to be agreed with (over the Dewey thing) lol

  18. im startin to wonder..does anyone thinks its possible that sidney just may commit suicide at the end of part 4 i dont think anyone is expectin that at all and ive been wondering that for a while.

  19. Starting to believe Ms. Prescott is totally involved and possibly one of the killers. Her outfit, shoes, hair, and the “particular look” on her face has “guilty” written all over it! Appears she is being taken away by the officers behind her. God, I can’t wait for Scream 4….this needs to be pushed through post production and released in January and NOT April!!!

  20. i actually may be the only one thinking this but im banking on Wes Craven flippin the whole trilogy in a BIG way. Ever wonder why everytime sidneys around someone dies. or at the end of scream 3 when she finds out the killer is actually her brother and they do that secret handshake right before he dies. What if he passed the torch to Sidney. what im saying is what if sidney is the killer?? new decade new rules??

  21. Hmmm Someone very close to her has been killed “Hint HInt”

  22. @jaefendi It wasn’t a frigging secret handshake. Stabbed him to protect herself but he was still her brother she just held his hand as a comfort as he died. I think Craven made the boots part of Neve’s costumes for the precise specultaion on her being the killer. I don’t think she is. I think the idea of Sidney committing suicide makes sense (@pencilznpenz) because of the guilt she feels over the deaths of people closest to her and innocent bystanders (“Everything you touch Sidney DIES”) However I hope she doesn’t

    Sidnet Prescott – The Ultimate Final Girl! :)

  23. Ok if Sidney was the killer, than why wouldn’t any of the original killers let everyone know that she was apart of it ? in the final scenes? I highly doubt sidney would be able to keep it all together enough to ban together with a bunch of men to kill all her friends, and for what reason would she have doing that? its a new decade because it actually is ? lol , new rules because its a new killers, and he has his own set of rules, that sidney has to abide by in order to survive.

  24. I’m 4 Dewey going in 4… and then Sid biting it in 6. I h8 4 any of them 2 die, but that’s really what keeps it fresh. At least this way we get Sid and Gale 4 all 3 flicks. Any truth 2 Dewey & Gale having a son in 4?… cuz they wouldn’t leave him parentless.

  25. Crap I just got a flashback am I the only 1 who remembered that Stu just might have a sibbling I mean think about it the killer could B 1 of Stu’s cousins who come back 2 take from sydney what she took 4rm them P.S I know who dies Lol Michigan was fun Lol


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