Photo/Videos: Scream 4 Comes Out Of Hiding

Scream 4 has set up in the Burns Park area and apparently will be there for a while. Here are 3 x videos for your enjoyment.

Here is the house filming at night. Could the interior/exterior be host to the mentioned death scene from last night?

Some daytime footage of where production have set up, gives a better idea of what is happening where:

Various footage of David Arquette, Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson outside the house kindly meeting with the fans:

A big thanks to Kozzie13 for the videos, and mtinkerhess for the photo. Other photos are available at Before The Trailer.

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26 Responses to “ Photo/Videos: Scream 4 Comes Out Of Hiding ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Looks like there is a younger girl on the porch.
    perhaps one of our new teens about to be terrorized?

  2. Thanks for these, loving your site. Great to see another Aussie obsessed with the series!

  3. I tried to post a sypnosis yesterday of the third victim in the franchise, however an error occured and i lost it. The third victim and the scene taking place above is in fact Olivia Morris.
    She becomes the third target of the Ghostface killer when she fails to adhere to the rules of surviving a chain bestowed apon her by her friend Charlie Walker. Charlie is in possession of a journal detailing the legacy of the late Randy Meeks. She is stabbed in the back three times whilst looking underneath her bed. Not giving too much away the scene involves a running bath, falling slate and a scratching sound. Olivia’s bedroom window also plays a big part and there are two homage’s to the first Scream included. The scene near the beginning of the film with Sidney and Billy in her room and the school bathroom stall scene as during Olivia’s death only Ghostface’s black boots and cloak are shown from a floor viewed shot. The scene takes place in the evening and begins with a phone conversation between Olivia and her boyfriend.

  4. dude,frazer brown STOP!

  5. The house did have a stabbing scene in the left window. It was at about 5 am on Thursday Morning

  6. Thanks Frazer Brown for spoiling as much as possible fucking douche.

  7. ok I dont want to be attacked on here, but I have always wondered why people come here if they don’t want spoilers. Now we can argue the degree of spoilers and how seeing pictures of scenes and costumes, isn’t the same as who and how they get murdered, but they are all spoilers. If you truly not want anything ruined then you would be like my friends. They hear of a movie they want to see and then see it without seeing a trailer or reading more then a synopsis. To them anything else is a spoiler. I come here and other places because I am intrigued. i want to know. Maybe I am in the minority.

  8. that was very nice of david arquette adam brody to say hi to the fans

  9. sid really looks like she will die and it is harming how excited I am, please get a shot of her filming in a different outfit!

  10. Sidney’s only in a dress because her only scene is at the bookstore at the moment. After the murder took place, they probably whisked her away out of town and tell her to stay away as far as possible.

    I’m just guessing here. Sidney will probably feel that running away goes against what she wrote about so she comes back looking to confront the killer(s) upon hearing that her cousin are being targeted.

  11. Nice grammar Ctooth. =( hahah too bad I can’t re-edit. I was rushing through my typing.

  12. Well there is a girl standing out on the porch, its hard to make out who it is, but I believe it to be Marielle Jaffe, just by body height and the long brown hair, but you have to look really close to realize its her, not to mention Hayden would give away quickly because of her blonde hair and Emma Roberts is here in L.A. for the Teen Choice Awards.

  13. See back in the 90’s internet was around but it wasn’t so useful as it is now…so when you get people watching scenes from the sidelines and overhearing crew talking they are going to report it. I think it would’ve been much better had the spoiler asked anyone to read what he or she seen in private. But I am starting to believe that the sides they released back in May is actually coming to life on screen, so I figured Olivia would be killed in this. Not a major spoiler like who the killer is, but its okay. :)

  14. Yeah, dude we don’t come here for spoilers we come here for tidbits. Don’t spoil a whole death scene…

  15. If you didnt want any spoilers then you shouldnt have been at this website in the first place.

  16. frazer brown,

    please ignore the idiots. if they don’t want to know what is going to happen, they shouldn’t be here. plain and simple. coming here for “tidbits” is retarded. there are clearly a lot of spoilers on this site so get lost or don’t complain. feel free to keep the info coming, frazer!

  17. “News” and “Spoilers” are two completely different things, jackass.
    People come here for news; not scene breakdowns.
    Haven’t you noticed that the webmaster has never posted anything that has made people complain about spoilers? He even said himself that he wouldn’t be posting any spoilers, so what are all these spoilers you’re talking about?

  18. Retarted? For real? The ignorance of some people, I wont name names (namley: Chris, uncleecreep, Frazer brown). If im not mistakin i had a hand in getting a fellow commenter kicked of this website for doing exactly what we are saposidly here for , Spoilers! I, IN FACT come here for behind the scenes pics/videos/info (KNOWING FULL WELL that when i look at sead pics/vids/info THEY WONT GIVE TO MUCH AWAY!)I wouldn’t have had that big of a problem with frazer spilling the beans of a BORDERLINE COMPLETE death scene IF he had posted the words “SPOLIER” at the top, so i would know to directly skip that comment. and NO chris (dumb ass) this site does NOT post FULL-ON spoilers for Scream 4, they post speculation articles, and behind the scenes TID-BITS!:) I mean, if you like having stuff like that completely ruind for you, that’s amazing, MORE POWER TO YOU. Just have enough respect for those who DO NOT, and don’t go around throughing spoilers in our faces. The scene has in fact been ruined for me at this point. Im not too upset about it though, because there is about another hour and a half of film i have no idea about so, that’s the good news.The bad news is, we all will have to here more of the the dumb ass comments from Chris, uncleecreep, Frazer brown, and more like them telling us how the site is a spoiler site. mmmm nop. nop its not. and if it was, ware are the spoilers that have been posted on this site??(discluding the the pathetic “spoilers” posted by commentors! of course!)? because these spoilers are “a lot”, right chris? :D

  19. ***because there are “a lot”***
    P.s. Drew,
    after i hit refresh i saw you had posted almost the same thing. and as you can tell, i agree with you 1000%!

  20. how do we even know what he is saying is true?
    did i miss something?
    for all we know he mentioned someone we were speculating on, thought out squenence that seemed believable and we fell for it?

  21. Folks, it’s the same old story. Any spoiler by an untrusted source is very likely UNTRUE. Now what can I tell you about the chap that posted these supposed spoilers? His ip address is from the UK. How anyone from halfway across the world can get access to such detailed script information when people from Michigan actually close to filming cannot, is beyond me.

    By believing any \spoiler\ you are in fact playing into the fakers game of giving his glorified theory a sense of legitimacy. As per usual, another person BANNED for causing trouble and upsetting our readers.

  22. MY problem (like i stated) isn’t so much with the “spoiler poster” (if you will). It is with the idiots who were standing up for sead poster, declaring this site a “spoiler site” and that people who don’t like spoilers shouldn’t come here, WHICH IS EMBARRASSING ON THERE PART, is all! :D

  23. No one knows anything about what is going to happen. I mean seriously, this script is very much under wraps. Anyone who says they know anything clearly does not. The only people who do know are the people working on the film. And I don’t really see them giving anything away due to the fact that they would probably get sued. And if you really want spoilers, I’m sure that you can find them on imdb. But as I said, they are probably b.s anyways.

  24. Here’s a spoiler for ya. Nobody dies in scream 4. Everyone just hangs out and has a merry ‘ole time. See, it isn’t hard to pull stuff outta your ass.

  25. frazer brown kinda has no life,really sad..

  26. 85F & 74% humidity in Jill’s bedroom, with the BF.” from Wes’ tweet. Is this maybe Jill’s house a and the spoiler about Olivia maybe an attempt at Jill. Just got me thinking, food for thought.

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