Rumor: Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell (CONFIRMED)

USA Today’s Cindy Clark is reporting that star cameos in Scream 4 will include Anna Paquin (True Blood) and Kristen Bell (Heroes).

If true, we have one thing to say: Opening scene victims, anyone?

Thanks to Nick for the tip-off. We’re classifying this a rumor for now, so stay tuned.

Update – CONFIRMED! Both Wes Craven and Dimension have confirmed the pair have been cast. The Hollywood Reporter has some further information that the script is 140 pages long and filming was to conclude on Labor Day Weekend but has been extended to September 24th. The notion that the pair of actresses are the opening kills, is also floated.

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40 Responses to “ Rumor: Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell (CONFIRMED) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. that would be pretty cool… both are pretty popular females.. Kristen Bell more for Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall more than Heroes, but I really think they would be great anywhere in the movie, as open deaths or even those cute little major famous people parts lolz

  2. This is interesting. I’m hoping this rumor’s true, I’d love to see Kristen and Anna as the opening victims. They could both pull it off exceptionally well IMO. I’m hoping this rumor’s true!

  3. These two could be Marnie (Paquin) and Patti (Bell)
    That would be an awesome opening :)

  4. This is beyond AWESOME!

  5. I sure hope so!!! :)

  6. If this is true then they are most likely to be the opening victims just due to the fact that they are almost done with production as a matter of fact this is their last week of shooting, which also means they already filmed the ending as I suspected, probably last month.

  7. Whatever.

  8. ScreamFan it is their last week on location. They have a month left, including studio work, which I believe is where the opening and poss finale will be shot. I love Kristen but was hoping the opening kill would be a surprise and that no casting would be known.

  9. Good, I can’t really stand Kristen Bell. She’s so fake to me. But I loved her in Pulse.

  10. both are ok with me. If I had my picks it would be Kelly Brook and Katie Cassidy!

  11. Rocky, did you just say you loved her in Pulse? lol Wtf?

    How could anyone, love anything, about that abysmal, God-awful movie. It’s one of the worst movies ever made.

    That said, I loved Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I actually like her. She’s cute. How is she fake again?

    Oh, and SCREAM 4 WILL ROCK!!!!

  12. I think that would be awesome to have Kristen Bell & Anna Paquin as the beginning deaths. I was “hoping” for a cameo from Jamie Lee Curtis to be the first death. I know in my heart it is never going to happen, but I thought since she was the original Scream Queen and the Scream franchise loves making references to her, that that would have been the ultimate treat for us fans. Or even PJ Soles would have been intersting.

  13. I think it’s more likely that they will be in a few “STAB” scenes, maybe even being interviewed. I think Patti and Marnie will have to be teenagers to get the ball rolling.

  14. i just hope that sidney is not kelled

  15. I was really hoping for Amanda Seyfried or either of the two (Paquin & Bell) but I think it’s a great combination tho. IMO =)

  16. This is great. Kristen is so sweet and has a great reputation. It would be great to see her. Not really a Paquin fan, but that’s still cool.

  17. Various horror sites have confirmed this through their Dimension reps!

  18. I was thinking opening victims at first but with the news about “Stab-a-thon” returning back to my brain I was thinking they could play characters in one of the Stab films…

    I don’t know, I’d think they’d make the opening kills more of a secret but we’ll see. Either way I’ll be happy to see them in ‘Scream 4’!

  19. It’s confirmed that they are in for the movie.

  20. They’ll probably be in Stab 4.

  21. I didn’t even think of the stab-o-thon movie. That is still very cool to have both actors in this movie. I wonder who else may turn up?

  22. I don’t really like Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin is alright though. As much as people hate her the perfect opening scene victim for me would be Lindsay Lohan.

  23. They are probably going to be actresses in the new stab movies

  24. It’s now official. ;)

  25. If this is true, I assume they will be featured in a Stab clip (like Tori Spelling and Luke Wilson or Heather Graham in Scream 2). I can’t see them as the opening considering the characters. But would I complain? Definitely not. I love Anna in True Blood and she would make a fantastic addition. As for Bell, I have no opinion, but she is known enough for a general audience to recognize her.

  26. And I’ve just seen that it’s confirmed? AWESOME. I definitely think Stab now as I can’t see the studio letting this get out (let alone get confirmed) if it was for the opening.

  27. Mike this is their last week of production in Ann Arbor according to onlocationvacations and beforethetrailer. I don’t know if they will do any additional filming in town i doubt it and i doubt they will do anything in L.A. except ad-libbing in post production. But however they are done in Michigan as of this Friday to be exact.

  28. Why keep the opening a secret i mean really? Lol. There is nothing shocking about who dies in the opening of the Scream movies anymore, unless it was one of the originals that would be different, but according to the sides they released its always been known that two girls get it in the opening scene.

  29. I bet they’ll just be in one of the “Stab” movies, like Tori Spelling and Luke Wilson were in “Scream 2.”

  30. Wes just confirmed it. They still have around three weeks left of production.

  31. Yeah I just read it. Too bad I cannot edit out my post lol. Yeah filming wraps up production on September 24th! according to the Hollywood Reporter, so I guess they haven’t filmed the ending yet, which makes me nervous for the Gale character.

  32. I really do like this casting! I think with these two actresses in the movie, it will really step up the hype for people who haven’t seen the franchise at all and for people who are sorta sketpical about this 4th film. Kristen Bell has some pipes on her for screaming (as shown in Pulse and Heroes) and Anna Paquin has such a huge following now because of True Blood. I’m really excited to see what their roles will be like regardless of opening death scenes or celeb cameo.

  33. ScreamFan, how do you know they are wrapping in Michigan this week? I heard differently.

  34. really kind of pissed you would put this on your website; and without spoiler alerts. Anyone with half a brain would figure that they will be the opening kill. so much for not giving any spoilers huh? this should have been kept secret. for someone who works so hard to keeps spoilers off the website your sure let some of us down. love the site, but beyond disappointed with you dear webmaster. This is the only reason I come to this website for scream news. I figured it would be the one place that gave nothing like this away. lame.

  35. Spoiler alerts? Why? Where are the spoilers, sir?

    You say yourself in your very next sentence “anyone with half a brain would figure that they will be the opening kill”


  36. exactly, the big names themselves being the spoilers! no hard feelings, i’m over it!

  37. i know its everywhere it’s just sad that this couldn’t have been kept a secret by wes, the production company, and cast and crew a little while longer. But i guess this is the generation in which we live! on a side note, both actors are very talented and it’s good to see kristen back on the horror side of things. check out the film roman, a great horror film and she is amazing in it!

  38. They might not even be the opening victems yet!!! Probably lol but you never know

  39. Bell’s character is \a college student\ and Paquin’s is \unknown\ so Bell will most likely be \Cici\ from \Stab 2\ (Remember \Windsor College\?). Paquin’s may be something similar. The other two (Shenae Grimes and whatever the other ones name is) will be Woodsboro high students that will probably be the first to go. Either way I’m still overly ecstatic about this movie. I saw Scream when I was 9 and have been a huge fan since. Can’t waittttttt!!!!!!!!!

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