Scream 4 News Snippets (Aug 10)

The busy Wes Craven has shared: “85F & 74% humidity in Jill’s bedroom, with the BF.” Now is Jill’s relationship a PG13 or an R?

He later posted the above photo captioned “Do you want to screw with me? Well, do ya punk?” Well no, no I do not. Craven’s could be just having a little fun. Or maybe… someone is going to die by rusty farm utility drill in the barn…?

Here’s Emma Roberts at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday in LA. Now obviously back in Michigan. Very pretty. Very pale. And it’s at this moment I can actually buy in to Jill being a Ghosty or accomplice in Scream 4.

Facebook comment by Marielle Jaffe on Friday: “These filming hours are getting intense… Literally woke up 3 hours ago! :)”

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7 Responses to “ Scream 4 News Snippets (Aug 10) ”

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  1. I am guessing she will be Rated R, I really dont believe that she will be a Sidney clone, maybe she owont even have that dark of a past, I don’t know.

  2. Woohoo I got my Dewey stickers in the mail!

  3. Hey lupe!
    where do you live? cause i ordered mine when he posted the mailing list thing.

    I still havnt received mine yet.
    I live in Utah by the way

  4. Got my Dewey stickers too!! And if it helps, I live in ohio.

  5. Oh i just got mine today ~~
    Dewey looks hot hehe

  6. Yeah i got mine on Monday i think it was too. I was so excited.

  7. I live in Oklahoma! :D

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