Scream 4: One Month To Go

Fun World‘s jack of all trades R.J. Torbert is back with some slight but pivotal intel. The estimated time on getting Scream 4 in the can wildly vary depending on who you listen to, but Tobert has gotten the lowdown from someone who would obviously know for sure, The Man a.k.a. Wes Craven.

“Corresponded with Wes Craven this morning. Filming still has about 1 month to go”

If you’re on Twitter and haven’t followed Gamefaceguy yet, go ahead and do so. You never know when neat unplugged info kernals will drop, like the recent tweet “finished up the sign for Halloween Show in january, first one to see it outside of company was @WesCraven, he gave me a thumbs up.”

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14 Responses to “ Scream 4: One Month To Go ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. My sources said 3 weeks from Monday Aug 30, which backs up Wes Craven’s timing ;)

  2. Sweet!

  3. Check out that article on Dread Central:


  4. I hope Scream 4 is the longest film in the whole series. 1h 45m would be great IMO.

  5. Haha! ^ Scream 1 was an hour and 50m lol I thought you wanted Scre4m to be the longest

  6. Okay, so in that spoiler link, I only read a tiny bit, because I didn’t know it would’ve been a MAAAAJOORRR spoiler. I forced myself to close the window. Spoilers can be like smoking. :(

  7. How bad is the spoiler?

    I stopped reading after seeing Courtney’s name.

  8. I’d like the movie to be anywhere from two hours, to two hours fifteen minutes. I fear that with all of the new characters and old characters present, that anything under two hours will either feel rushed, or not long enough. Maybe both. I only read a bit of that spoiler, but wish I hadn’t! As of now, there’s only one death that I’m sure of, and I want to keep it that way. Three weeks left = plenty of time to shoot in some of the original locations in northern California. A shot of Sid’s house, the hilly terrain, maybe a shot of Stu’s old house. Just someting to give us some sense of cotinuity from the first movie, so that we really feel like we’re back in Woodsboro.

  9. I’m sorry! I won’t be posting anymore spoilers. I just couldn’t help myself (EXCITED!). I also noticed after I posted the link that the site is against that.

  10. I read the spoiler, it is fake it said that Gale dies in the opening scene which is impossible since we have seen her in other scenes then the other was how sidney was there and people were saying she was just like her mother (She is at the ambulence) pluse the writer said he was watching these scenes, which come on, you think they would let someone watch the opening kill? no.

  11. @Ryan

    THAT’S what I DID!! I heard it was pretty major. I stopped after Courteney, I was like UHM NO WAY MAJOR SPOILERS KTHNX *closes*.

  12. i though that too but it doesnt say opening scene it just says first spoiler really. I dont think that she dies either

  13. Gale is definitely not the opening death, and that’s not what the article implied so whoever reads this, don’t worry. Nothing is spoiled for you. There is a very good chance that article IS a fake.

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