“Behind You” Revisited In Hi-Res

We don’t know what it is about Brazil, but we do recall they were the first to unload a number of goods from Scream 3 in 1999 and it looks like nothing has changed – Cinepop have offered up a higher-res version of the first official Scream 4 still. The Ghost Face mask in Gale’s hand is more noticeable in this one. For an explanation on that, it links up with one of our earlier reports.

Source: Cinepop Brazil

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9 Responses to “ “Behind You” Revisited In Hi-Res ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That might not be the actual killer. I bet the Barn party has a ton of ghostfaces.

  2. i know this is a far-fetched idea… and im just fantasizing, but what if Gale is one of the killers? and she set something like this up to make it look as if she werent in on it… maybe she starts the killings again out of jealousy, and misery, wanting to get her old life back, murders = success for gale weathers… just a fun idea

  3. It looks like there is a shoe in the corner where the CINEpop logo is…? Just me? Lol I have this vision that Gale has just discovered or about to discover a whole bunch of bodies.


  5. if you look closely to the far right of the picture, you can see a boot of some sort, or maybe its my imagination

  6. Ugahushpuppy (wtf is with that name, but anways) actually has a great point.

  7. cant wait till new films r out in 3-D

  8. There is a boot inthe corner!! Infront of gale!! This might sound crazy but the guy/girl in font of her dead could be Dewey just look at her face she looks like she has tears in her eyes this could be there end.

  9. I’m betting SOMEONE wants her to have more success in her career… and that person is the one who has been behind it from the beginning.

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