Courteney Talks Scream 4 On Ellen (Video Added)

Courteney Cox Arquette was on Ellen today and briefly mentioned Scream 4.

Ellen: (About she and David) Yall just finished doing Scream 4?

Cox: We just did Scream 4. (nods, crowd breaks into applause)

Ellen: Everybody’s waiting for that!

Cox: It was different to be doing those hours, ten years later. Nighttime shooting is pretty rough. I almost forgot how rough that is. We had a great time.

Thanks to Ryan for the transcript.

Updated – Video below, all cued up and ready to go!

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11 Responses to “ Courteney Talks Scream 4 On Ellen (Video Added) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Yayy!

  2. omg i love her i cant wait!!!!!!

  3. Wow, the blew me away!

  4. I expected more than that, haha.

  5. You’re welcome! She only talked about it for literally 17 seconds.

  6. That was VERY brief.

  7. That was VERY brief.

  8. You know Ellen has seen the movies, her wife was in the second one, ahha.

  9. I found this a little odd — you’d think Ellen would have played up the fact that Portia de Rossi was in Scream 2! Courteney’s agent must not have wanted to talk too much about Scream at this point, and instead to focus on Cougar Town? I guess the Scream interviews will come closer to release.

  10. I really wish they would talk more about scre4m! I mean, we know about cougar town and what its about, but scre4m is a different story! She sould be talking about like when trailers are going to be realesed or whats different about Gale

  11. Omg Scream 4 coverage tomorrow night on entertainment tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooo cant wait!!!!!!

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