Craven On Nightline: Scream 4 Has The Biggest Bodycount (Video)

During production of Scream 4, Nightline visited Michigan and interviewed Wes Craven, capturing a lot of nice footage and factoids along the way. Scenes glimpsed include Neve Campbell and Hayden Panettiere hiding from the killer in a kitchen, and more of that daring rooftop chase. We noticed the clapboard listed Peter Deming who was director of photography for the last two films, responsible for the richly saturated color of the campus-bound Scream 2 and the cold hard edges of more urban Scream 3.

But we digress. Craven provides an insightful interview, as always, and is the picture of perfect calm and contentedness. We chuckled at their mention of Music Of The Heart (1999) as his last non-horror film – hey, no love for Red Eye (2005)? Anything but horror – that was such a sharp, contained thriller. An exclusive scene from My Soul To Take was a happy surprise and contextualizes the creepy giant bird thing seen in the trailer.

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10 Responses to “ Craven On Nightline: Scream 4 Has The Biggest Bodycount (Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Oooo this just keeps getting better and better! I love it!

  2. “Movie theat” LOL! ^_^ And seriously, ABC needs to get some volume controls other than MUTE and NOT MUTE. >_<

  3. I think it’s kind of crazy how much Craven looks like a younger Fidel Castro, lol. Can’t wait for this film!

  4. OOOH more body count!!! Sounds like my kind of film.

  5. im not 100%, but if my calculations are accurate, ive noticed that the death count goes up by one each film… 7 in the first (including the killers) 8 in the second (including the killers) and 9 in the third (including the killer) ironically, seeing as though i felt the third was the least violent of the trilogy

  6. @ Screamb0y

    ure wrong
    the first movie had 7 deaths (8 if you count Maureen’s murder)
    the second and third both had ten victims
    so i’m excited how many victims will fall on Ghostface’s knive in Scre4m

  7. I would consider Red Eye a thriller & considering the cast list & it is a horror movie isn’t saying this has the biggest body count is just like saying the sky is blue?

  8. Although I can’t wait until Scream 4, I just love wes craven in general… He’s the best in the business when it comes to this genre.

  9. is it jus me or should wes craven remake birds :D

  10. It’s just you.

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