Don’t Look In The Backyard (Updated)

Bananadoc is back with this photo and description: “Heard a rumor that one important scene will be filmed in the back yard. There are HUGE lights set up at neighboring houses.” Opening scene finisher? Climactic killer rumble? Hmm.

On a related note, an apology to readers of Scream-Trilogy. We had been pretty on-the-ball posting summaries of Bananadoc’s excellent photos during the shooting of Scream 4 and brought the good Doc in to share some first-hand photos and thoughts. From that stage, we did a poor job of co-ordinating our articles with his, therefore missing a few items of interest. Hopefully that was balanced off by Doc providing exclusive commentary you couldn’t find anywhere else (thanks Doc!). Anyway, it was a learning experience, so when we allow further contributors on board we will definitely do a better job communicating and pre-planning with them.

Bananaupdate: “According to my network of informants, and one extremely¬†resourceful¬†younger informant, there is blood and there are Woodsboro Police cars and at least one EMS vehicle outside the big green house. The sirens can be heard pretty much all over town”

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23 Responses to “ Don’t Look In The Backyard (Updated) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. THOUGHT! this could MAYBE be used as casey’s house 13 years later??? just a little thought, probly not but just a thought.

  2. Could it be a remodeled Prescott house?

  3. this looks nothing like cici’s house. nothing

  4. pardon me, i was mistaken. however, this does not look like casey’s house because hr house was white and certainly not as tall. also, her house had a lot more foliage in surrounding it.

  5. Thats deffinetly sidneys house remodeled over the years… and the climax will be there :) thats what I think anyway

  6. Or tatums!!! So meaning it could be Dewey and Gales new house :)

  7. I really hope that all of these houses being used are the houses of new characters.
    I hope they don’t try to use a single house in Ann Arbor as a house from the original. To me, that just seems silly. They obviously have the capability to build exact replicas of the houses from the original film, so I’m hoping they’ll do that for Sidney’s house, Kirby’s house, etc.

  8. this is obvious Sids house, remodeled from over the years. Look back on the first film, looks ALMOST exactly like it.

  9. Might sound obvious, but I wouldn’t be shocked if at least one of the characters lives in the old house of one of the first film’s victims.

  10. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to have another scene back in Sidney’s old house, but having it as the opening or ending would be a lot of fun! However, I was really hoping to see the real house, which wouldn’t be impossible for them to film in, as it’s currently for sale. If this IS infact her old house, then I hope they can add in the background from the original movie, with the hills and isolated terrain. That would really add to the scene.

  11. It’s a beautiful house.

  12. It’s a great house. I hope it’s the right one as the number looks wrong to me! I’m gonna get back tonight to confirm. Boy you guys are obsessed about houses ;)

  13. From the patio down, it does strongly resemble Sidney’s house, especially with that triangle form:

    But if you look above the patio, it doesn’t work at all for me. We’ll see!

  14. ^ Where did you find that picture?

  15. 5535 – I posted that picture & several others of the house on the forums here. Check it out.

  16. I can’t believe are apologising! You run a fantastic site, there is nothing to be sorry for. Except maybe being so good that I spend way to much time here!

  17. If they really are just filming the finale then that means there is a strong possibility that Gale does die since Courteney is done filming. It would be odd for her to be alive and not involved in the finale.

  18. She might be in hospital coz shes hurt ;) So therefore not in the final

  19. That’s what I’m hoping for!

  20. Yeah i heard that Gale will be stabbed at the stab-a-ton party and falls in some hay…I think she’ll just come out of nowhere during the finale and save the day.

  21. I hate to get on the house thing, but I did hear that the green house WAS chosen because of it’s close resemblance to “A” house from the original movies. Make of that what you will!

  22. And here I am again. I did notice that the bay window in which I photographed Hayden, bore a remarkable resemblance to the bay window in the Scream 3 ‘filmset’ version of Sidney’s house. It also occurred to me that they can do interiors at houses that don’t have to ‘match’ the outside. So just because the outside is ‘Jill’s house,’ it doesn’t mean that all of the interior shoots also have to be at Jill’s house. Ok now I’m confusing myself ;)

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