Emma Roberts Talks Scream 4 To MTV

MTV Rough Cut put Emma Roberts on the interrogation couch about Scream 4. Isn’t watching cast members sidestep around revealing plot info secretly a guilty pleasure? But the best seat squirmers can run with it – like the oh-so-pretty Roberts.

Source: MTV

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7 Responses to “ Emma Roberts Talks Scream 4 To MTV ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. She’s the only one that doesn’t fit in the cast. I really hope she isn’t the “survivor” of this new scream trilogy if it happens.

  2. I think she’s really cute, can’t wait to see her against ghostface. Let’s hope for her sake that she takes after her cousin ;)

  3. I’m so excited to see how she does in the movie ^^ I hope she kicks ass!

  4. I actually think she will be awesome, she kinda had a dark Gothic vibe about her but she also seems vulnerable, kinda like sid in scream 2 and 3 :)

  5. I Love her , she is a great actress i remember watching her on Unfabulous haha

  6. Scream guy?


  7. i do not think it will be as good as the first(classic), that’s what they said about final destination and it sucked, but unlike final destination, i think this movie will be good, maybe not as good asthe first, but i KNOW it’ll be good, if the script sucked the old actors and wes would not have come back, I can’t wait! i know it will be good, not as good as first (maybe) but it will be good, and if it’s not, since im such a big scream fan i’ll stil love it! :)

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