ET Coverage Primer (Screencaps, Local Listings)

Time to turn your Tivo on and your IPhone off. Because tonight’s edition of Entertainment Tonight will be your first real look at Scream 4. For USA, air times will vary based on state and channel, but luckily all you need to do is hit this handy link, fill in the blanks and then you’ll be in the know.

Click here for Entertainment Tonight Local Listing Locator

Here are the best screencaps we could pull from last night’s preview. Commence pre-emptive deconstructing!

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9 Responses to “ ET Coverage Primer (Screencaps, Local Listings) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Sweet, can’t wait. I take it “Justin Bieber Investigation” is the episode with Scream 4 in it :) .

  2. really really want to watch the show!

  3. So the top two are i think hayden penettiere with ghostface, the guy being dropped off the roof looks like Nico totrorella and at the bottom looks like sidney or perhaps jills mum. I doubt these actually show the moments these people are about to kick the bucket except maybe nico that one seems deadly.

  4. comes this today tonight?

  5. I actually messaged entertainment tonight on facebook and they answered me and they said it would be on there website as well :)


  7. Run Sid!!!

  8. Definitely Kirby in the first two caps. Possibly even in the cap of someone falling on the roof. I think it’s either Sid or Kate in the bottom one.

    And I’ve set my DVR for tonights episode. Can’t wait! Considering I’m this excited for a (probably) 10 second clip, I can’t imagine how hyped I’ll be when the first trailer pops up in November.

  9. I think the one in the roof is Sidney getting her butt sad!

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