ET Coverage: Your First Look At Scream 4 (HQ Video)

Did Entertainment Tonight come through with the goods? You betcha. Here is your first look behind-the-scenes at Scream 4 featuring short interviews with Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox Arquette and Emma Roberts, plus ample snippets of action to wet your pants – uh, we mean whet your appetite.

Thanks to Jovenspidey for the HQ version.

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25 Responses to “ ET Coverage: Your First Look At Scream 4 (HQ Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. So far it seems like Sidney and Jill get chased upstairs and sidney and jill lock themselves in a different room. The killer tries to break into dismays room so she crawls onto the roof to get to jills room but the killer intercepts her halfway

  3. I laughed when Ghostface got hit by the door while chasing Jill and Sidney into the house and when he falls down the stairs. Looks like Sidney still has it!

  4. I would love for sid to be like a protector of jill I think that jills mom might be the killer if not she might die and sid will tell jill I will be here for you….. un like my mother, I just hope jill isn’t too week

  5. I was SERIOUSLY hoping that wasn’t Sidney getting chased but now that i see it, I WANT MORE FOOTAGE!!!

  6. WHAT? i know this isnt a big thing, or even about the film BUT, At the end when Mary Heart talks about the mask scaring her, the picture of Courtney is different then what i saw on TV. The picture i saw was of Courteney and Coco now its just Court. How is this? That is weird.

  7. i seriously don’t know if i will be able to forgive them if they kill off sidney. watching her get knocked down by ghostface and tumble down the roof made me uneasy and fearful she might bite it.

  8. I find both Emma and Neve being chased hilarious. I would love to see the entire scene.

  9. :O Look, Sidney gets punched!

  10. we saw pictures of her in that outfit and unless it was a clever picture making it seem like part of the movie and she was just taking a break then she survives

  11. I still cant seem to shake the fear that they might pull a laurie strode and have SId die, but that wouldn’t explain the pictures of Neve in the same outfit out on the street with Emma, and her sitting on the stairs and walking out of the archway, now that I see she laughed alot on that part I think it is all in the movie

  12. I hope all three of the original trio die.

  13. She and then he and then Sidney!! ran.Ghostface. window. Jill!! Gale! Dewey!OH MY GOD! im so excited i can’t even speak. EDIT: i accidentally posted it twice and i can’t delete it! Sorry!

  14. She and then he and then Sidney!! ran.Ghostface. window. Jill!! Gale! Dewey!OH MY GOD! im so excited i can’t even speak.

  15. Did she just refer to Ghostface as the ”Scream guy”? Tragic…

  16. I disagree! Emma is just awesomely cute in this clip.

  17. 0:37… Gale has the knife in her hand…

  18. I’m soooooo excited!

  19. what if the killer or one of the killer’s is Sidney’s child….what if that night in Scream 1 at Stu’s party after Sidney and Billy had sex she had gotten pregnant but Sid gave the baby up for adoption because she couldn’t handle the fact of havin a baby by the guy who killed her mom, tried to kill her, and frame her dad for the whole thing….i mean we don’t know what happened with Sidney the two years in between Scream 1 and Scream 2 and if this had happen the child would be about 15 or 16 now and a student at Woodsboro High following in his father’s Billy Loomis footsteps!

  20. that could be interesting…

  21. that would make me pee in horror

  22. I have the same huge problem with Emma’s calling Ghostface the Scream Guy because, if you’re the lead in a Scream movie, at least get the iconic killer’s name correct. I am very disappointed each time she makes that mistake.

  23. ET: Canada had a broadcast tonight featuring the same clips that ET showed last week, but there was more to the Neve Campbell (Canadian girl) interview.


  25. This could be true! During Scream 3, when the trio was watching the video of randy giving them some tips, he mentioned that the past was not at rest. And went on to say that any sins you have committed in the past were gonna break out and destroy you. The look Sydney had on her face, kind of showed that she had done something she wasn’t proud of that she hoped wouldnt have to face. So the idea of Sydney having a child during the 2 year or so gap between the first two films fits. Or its going to be somebody totally unexpected, when Mickey was talking to Sydney at the end of Scream 2, he said he had to have a partner. So the idea of Roman doing all of the killing alone is Scream 3 just dosent fit. Just a thought

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