First Official Scream 4 Image

Gale Weathers in peril. Ghostface sneaking up. We smell an excellent chase scene. Not to be outdone by Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly (read by those who know their shit) debuted the first official Scream 4 movie photo.

Image appeared in both print and online, with quotage from Courteney Cox:

Courteney Cox Screams Again
When Scream 4 opens April 15, 10 years have passed. Cox’s character, Gale Weathers, is now married to Dewey (Cox’s real-life husband, David Arquette). ”I kind of gave up my job as the entertainment journalist,” says Cox. ”I’m bored with my life and my marriage.” Bringing a little excitement to town is Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). Her return leads to more Ghostface murders, which reenergize Gale. Says Cox, ”Things start happening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.” —Tim Stack

We also have the scan for completists. Submitted to us by jonmguerra.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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53 Responses to “ First Official Scream 4 Image ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. this is more exciting than ET’s coverage lol

  2. OMG! This is really getting exciting! Galeeee! She’s just way gorgeous.


  4. Is it me or does it look really funny seeing Ghostface stand next to hay in a barn?

  5. That’s a very cool shot! Lets see how this plays out.

  6. Look carefuly… She have a mask on is arm!!!

  7. Love it! Love her! And love that jacket! :)

  8. The spoiler was true!

  9. i heard supposedly she gets stabbed and thrown in the hay. is it true? she better not die :(
    this photo just gets even more excited!!

  10. Yes she does die.

  11. Don’t die…!!!

  12. So that means Sidney lives right if she dies I give up on Scream bottom line she can die in 5 or 6 but hell no not 4 not 4!!!!!!!

  13. I have no idea about Sidney dying. I just know that some extras reported seeing Gale being stabbed and thrown down from the second level of the barn. I guess she could survive and do a Dewey like in the first two Screams.

  14. She’ll have the limp and everything!

  15. She’ll have the limp and everything!

  16. she has the mask, what if she is the murderer reveling her face and behind her is her partner…

  17. Gale! She will survive, she will kick Ghostface’s ass!

  18. I’m pretty sure someone is killed and everyone scatters and only Gale is left to face the killer in this scene.

  19. is this from the movie?

    pity the the so long takes to he in the cinema comes he
    is yes

  20. Why would she look freaked out and scared? And why is her patner keeping up on her? lol… i dont think so! She has the mask so she can get into the party :)

  21. GREAT PIC XD She wont die I dont think, I know she gets injured and left for dead but no…. well she might die!

  22. Due to her Cougar Town commitments she basically has Dewey’s role from Scream 2 she will get attacked around the middle and then be seen at the end just holding on. who knows they could give her a matching limp.

  23. well as long as Sidney or her doesnt die I will B ok I mean sure its A reboot but am I the only 1 who thinks it would kinda B gay 2 kill all 3 of them in 1 movie its like “wow since stu,billy,mickey,roman,and mrs.lumis wasnt successful we’ll be able 2 kill them in 1 movie…..sid gale and dewey still need 2 live or I will B very upset.

  24. Does anyone agree that this is going to be a fake scare? It dfoesn’t look quite right for some reason, or maybe it is a staged photo?

  25. Deehoare: Dewey got stabbed right before the finale he was in most of the movie.. Courtney filmed for only three and a half week. By comparison, David, Neve and Emma have been filming from when they started (June 28) til now. They all left here and there for brief breaks but ultimately ended up filming for way longer than Courtney.

  26. she looks great!

  27. WELL YEAH!! a few weeks later i posted that an xtra told me she gets stabbed, but no one believed me hahaha i guess we have to wait and see, i dont think shes gonna die, but shes gonna spend the whole time at the hospital (6)

  28. That is awesome. My favorite pic I’ve seen so far.

    Yes, Gale gets hurt. I don’t think she dies though.

  29. All publicity stills look staged, that’s what and how they are. They aren’t taken during a take, the actors actually stop, pose, and wait for the snap. BUT! Stills also reflect a real scene in the movie. I hope that made sense.

  30. Is it me or is there a black boot in the bottom right corner by the boxes?

  31. The killer keeps a machete in his hand, not a knife !!! ;)

  32. her face is wayyy to scared. She’s obviously not the killer. But thats good news for us. Also, if she’s not a killer…she’s a target.

  33. yes, there is a boot! :o

  34. if u look @ the ET video gail is holding A knife they say that its the knife that she pulls out of HERSELF I cant remember wether they said her shoulder or not.

  35. wait, did they already film the climax or ending??????

  36. The production wrapped a few days ago, so yes…the ending has been filmed.

  37. The ENTIRE movie was wrapped up. So I’d hope so… :)

  38. a great big warm thanks to all the people who decided to post spoilers in the comments section. Love a site that has rules for spoilers in the forums but not the main page. Epic fail.

  39. Well in my opinion, anyone on a website like this is looking for some type of spoiler. So if you really wanted a surprise, you should have waited till April 15, 2011 instead of googling “Scream 4″

  40. That shot with Courtney and Ghostface in the Hay was shot on July 23rd and July 24th. I was there and i know exactly what happens. Would anyone like to know?

  41. i do lol

  42. can u please tell me what happens globalimpact?

  43. If anyone wants to pay me a full time salary to police the comments for spoilers across the 200 articles or so that exist on this site, feel free. I will add a spoiler warning to the comments header in future and warn against posting them. However, due to the “anyone can post” nature of comments, you should always read with caution, not to mention exercise reasonable doubt (if no link, you should think). If you want to be in a spoiler-controlled area, that’s why the forum exists. That is for centralized discussion, comments sections by nature are chaotic. Yin and Yang. Thanks for your comment, I will do what I can to improve the issue.

  44. July… and now it’s already September. Time does fly!! XD
    Hopefully, time will fly by to April 2011 as well!!

  45. I swear to god, Gale better not die……

  46. They’re all dead. This is the last scream film.

  47. It’s actually a horse dressed up as the killer — Bessie the Cow tramples people to death!

  48. wtf what happened 2 the whole scream 5, and 6 thing??? if ts because of that bastard arron kruhger im gonna B pissed.

  49. You don’t sound terribly bright.

  50. You don’t sound terribly bright.

  51. Isn’t he going to wear the scarecrow costume?

  52. @Samuel they say that it could be a cameo appearance of the two variations of the Ghostface mask, maybe it will appear in the STAB movies?

  53. Someone I don’t think Samuel has been checking this old article every day for the past 6 months for an answer, mig. ;)

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