MTV Talks Scream 4 With Craven

As a follow up to their My Soul To Take coverage, MTV‘s Kara Warner asked Wes Craven some Scream 4 centric questions.

When we caught up with Craven to discuss “My Soul to Take,” we couldn’t help but prod the man in charge for some “Scream 4″ scoop, beginning with how he managed to assemble his original stars.

“Well, I could take credit for it, but it wouldn’t be accurate,” he said.

By the time Craven was asked to direct, Dimension studio head Bob Weinstein had already secured Cox, Arquette and Campbell.

“It was just a matter of me saying, ‘Sure,’ ” Craven added.

For the director, the allure of rejoining the team to work on a good script was icing on the cake.

“I think all of us wanted to do something written by Kevin [Williamson] and to work together again,” he said. “We all had such wonderful times on the first three. It has been a return to a great deal of fun — just the pleasure of working together again. We know each other inside and out. There’s a lot of shorthand and a lot of fun memories from our past escapades.”

Craven also answers the question as to Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell’s place rank in the movie – click here to read the full article.

Thanks to Scream Franchise Examiner for tipping us off to this interview. If you haven’t done so lately, pay them a visit – several exclusive Scream 4 images and video have been posted throughout the past week.

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5 Responses to “ MTV Talks Scream 4 With Craven ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Anna and Kristin have “significant” roles in the film?…i know the talk is that they are not the first kills in the movie and that some cheerleaders are but…now i think they are….idk. lol

  2. “We know each other inside and out.”

    Uhm… are there any metaphorical meanings to that sentence? :P

  3. In the photo section the girl who took them said theres a scene…

    *Spoiler not much of one* *Another thats big but only if you havent seen Scream 2 which if not go watch it!*

    They say Gale & Dewey open a car trunk and the scene ends, i would love to see a body in there and a scream scene with gale like in Scream 2 where Randy dies!

    Btw Anyone else find it hard to watch when Randy’s killed??? Or just me :S

  4. “…so it’s the story of Sid’s return to Woodsboro and the series of events that take place there where those three are thrown together in a wild and crazy way, and then a group of kids that get meshed in the plot”
    I love the way that sounds! Everyone thinks that Sidney, Gale & Dewey will have minor roles in S4 but I think the complete opposite and this statement seems to prove that : )

  5. Adding to my previous message…


    In the new post with wes cravens interview it says someones killed by being pinned to a car seat…That would add to the fact that there’s a whole load of police and gale opening a car’s trunk, cuz the person’s bodies inside…with hopefully added gale scream :)

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